Your content and ads can be a ministry

If you are truly building an authentic business, then content is not a chore.

No one else in the world has your combination of life experiences.

No one has experienced the specific blend of challenges as you have, nor resolved them in the way that you have.

No one has your specific voice, your personality, your style… which have come from everything you’ve seen, read, watched, heard, said, and done.

No one in history has your unique synthesis of experience, skills, and passion.

This is why there are people who will resonate with you like nobody else they’ve ever encountered.

Your ideal audience can be helped by you — in your area of passion — more than they can be helped by anyone else.

This is why I passionately preach the message of authentic, relevant, consistent content: There are people who need your help more than anyone else’s help. Your unique combination of thoughts, experiences, and voice resonates strongly with them.

Consider the act of reaching them, your ideal audience — those who can be most helped by you — as a mission, a cause.

The quickest way to reach your ideal audience is through paid ads of your content.

My favorite way is Facebook Ads because it’s smart enough to help you find the thousands of people most likely to engage with your content, i.e. the people who can most be helped by you.

I teach the step-by-step method of how to do this in my online course: Facebook for Authentic Marketing.

Instead of looking at paid ads as just another marketing channel, what if you look at it as part of your ministry?

What if buying Facebook ads for your content, in order to reach and help your ideal audience — without attachment to them having to buy from you — is one of the best ways to spend your charity dollars?

What if instead of just donating to various causes (and sometimes, being guilted into it by friends) you spend some of your donation money into your Facebook ads to spread your content, your ministry, to the thousands of people who need you?

There’s many, many more of these people than you realize. For the topics you love helping people with — that you can create content on — there are probably thousands, perhaps millions, of people that can be truly helped by you.

So what are you waiting for?

Commit to doing your content passionately, authentically, consistently, as a ministry for your ideal audience.

Buy paid ads to spread your content to the thousands or millions of people who need your help.

Of course, it is also likely that the more of your ideal audience consume your content, the more of them will want to engage with your paid services and to buy your products. In this way, your business will be fulfilling its mission even more.

Infuse the intention of service, ministry, helping, impact, into all aspects of your “marketing”.

Have no attachment to the results, and you won’t fall into resentment.

Continually observe your stats to see what content is being of most use to your audience. This will inspire you to make more relevant content in service to the growth and benefit of your ideal audience. Do this from a deeper intention of service and helping.

Allow the money-making (and even their appreciation of you) to be a byproduct rather than what you’re entitled to.

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Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"

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