Your business numbers are perfect right now.

George Kao
3 min readApr 7

Years ago, I launched a program I was very passionate about.

I imagined 20, or 30, maybe even 50 people enrolling and participating. Exciting!

Actual number of sign-ups? One person.

I had to cancel it, and refund the person. It was a painful experience, because my expectations didn’t match the results.

A difficult but essential life lesson: to let go of attachment to our plans when reality presents differently.

Looking back, I’m actually glad that the program didn’t run. The framework and tools that I teach today are far more efficacious than what I was offering back then. (Good thing I didn’t expose more people to the earlier version!)

Today, the program which failed years ago, is now full, with a waiting list. I needed those years to hone my craft, to develop my voice, to practice higher values, and arrive at a deeper perspective about business and marketing.

Oftentimes, we need hindsight to see that we get what we need, not necessarily what we want.

It is a difficult lesson to let go of attachment to our ego’s plans.

We think that we should have success already: a full client load, a large following of faithful readers, and interest from many people in regards to our work.

I wish for you the greatest of success, truly.

More importantly, I wish for you the peace of having gratitude for whatever stage you are at right now.

How many people read and engage with your posts?
It’s the perfect number right now.

How many clients do you have?
It’s exactly what you need.

How much money are you making?
It’s enough for now.

Of course, things can change quickly. Whenever it changes, the timing is perfect. Even if it takes longer than planned, it is still just right.

We truly don’t know what it is we need for our growth, even if we think we know. To remember that is to practice humility.

Whatever stage we’re at is where we need to be, because if we had truly learned the lessons of this current stage, we would have advanced to a further stage. As you adequately integrate your experience and improve your skills, you’ll move forward.

Imagine that you’re a white belt in martial arts, dreaming of being a black belt. It’s a good thing that right now you aren’t thrown into black belt situations! You’d get really hurt with your skills as is. Thankfully, you’re still in the white belt class.

When I’m in a healthy state of mind, I think of myself as being one of the beginning belts, knowing that there is much more to learn. I’m grateful for whatever class I’m qualified to be in right now.

We are called to humbly walk the journey of authentic business:

  • To create content to keep exploring our voice and honing our ideas
  • To keep connecting with those we think we can help
  • To consistently (and lightly!) launch our offerings
  • (Remember that it is always an exploration of that magical intersection between our passion and the market’s wants)
  • To continually seek feedback on what we do
  • …so that we can continually improve our content and offerings

All along the way, to keep appreciating where we are, knowing it’s where we need to be.

Daily appreciating, then stretching. It is how we keep moving forward with a positive mindset and uplifting emotions.

  1. Practice gratitude and love for where you are now.
  2. Also daily: stretch towards your infinite potential.

With every launch, you are getting clearer about your niche.

Step by step, you are living into your calling.

Always remember: you are being lifted and guided by a higher power that can see farther and deeper than you, and knows exactly what you need at this time.

​Where you are right now is perfect. Whatever the enrollment numbers. Whatever the size of your following.

Keep creating, listening, launching, adapting, and appreciating.

More importantly, I wish for you the peace of gratitude.

George Kao

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"