Using our idle-mind time wisely: APLUS Breathing

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When considering how to wisely use time, few people consider the several hours a day where our mind is idle…

  • In the shower
  • Preparing and eating your meals
  • Cleaning up
  • In the bathroom
  • On your commute
  • Walking from one room or building to another
  • Taking a walk outside
  • Waiting in line
  • Doing a household chore
  • Just chilling out
  • snippets of random conversations
  • bad ideas / temptations
  • occasional good ideas
  • music snippets playing on autoloop
  • self-criticism
  • etc.


There are so many things you can appreciate, which will uplift you. The more that you give it attention, the more that the good feelings from mindful appreciation will grow.


Send thoughts of goodness, healing, peace, love to a person or group that you wish to uplift. This is as much for you (maybe more so!) as it is for them.

  • May they be healed
  • May they be comforted
  • May they be joyful
  • May they be clear
  • May they be strong


Many productive people do this to better utilize their idle-mind time. They listen to a podcast or audiobook that grows useful knowledge and skills.


Think about an upcoming event or task that is important to you. Think positively about it. Visualize yourself in that event, or doing that task, in a way that you want to be. For example, see yourself as: graceful, joyful, strong, clear, etc.


Any problem, challenge, question, issue in your life or work can be moved forward, gotten a bit clearer, sometimes getting brilliant breakthrough insights, if you use some of your idle-mind time on it.

Finally, remember to keep breathing, taking gentle, deep breaths whenever you become conscious of your idle-mind time.

To make it easier to remember, the system above spells the acronym APLUS:

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Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"

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