What does productivity mean in your business?

Checking off more items on your to-do list? Working longer hours? Doing more training? Getting another certification? Perfecting your website, book, course, _____ (fill in the blank?)

These can feel productive… however, it is an illusion most of the time, as you spend another week / month / year not being in your true livelihood.

True productivity in business is this: Valuable contact/service, with your ideal audience, that inspires their reciprocity.

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In other words, it’s being in touch with real people that your business can most help. It’s getting feedback from your market, rather than being in your own head, or working in isolation.

These are your ideal audience:
1. Current clients
2. Ideal prospective clients
3. Ideal former clients
4. Current referral sources
5. Former referral sources
6. Ideal referral sources
7. The biggest fans of your content

If your day isn’t filled with being in contact with these people, you might want to question what you’re doing with your day.

Being in touch with these people could take the form of the following activities…

Truly Productive TO-DO List

The above are the things I spend my working days, weeks, and months on. This is how I stay truly productive.


The following are the tempting items that seem productive, but need to be continually questioned if it’s during your working hours…

Questionable TO-DROP List

In summary, avoid doing any work in isolation. During working hours, always be getting feedback from the market (via content or offerings) or being in actual contact with your ideal audience.

I encourage you to write down your own lists:
Truly Productive TO-DO List
Questionable TO-DROP List

If you’d like, feel free to copy/paste your lists in the comments below, especially if you want my feedback on them.

Wishing you joyful, and true, productivity!

Access the latest version of this post on my blog: True Productivity

Written by

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity" https://www.GeorgeKao.com

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