Thoughtful Life Calendaring 6-Month Coaching Program

(And my rebellious past!)

I’m excited to announce my new 6-month coaching program called TLC — Thoughtful Life Calendaring.

I’m a rebel at heart

I used to rebel against structure. I don’t know about you, but I really disliked school. I hated having to go to class in the morning, to be really structured about everything. I hated writing papers, doing assignments, and having deadlines. As a kid, I was also forced to learn piano and violin. I hated practicing!

Being undisciplined is terrible for self-care.

I remember one summer during college, I played addictive video games the whole time, other than basic hygiene and eating. One day I got so hooked that I literally played for 30 hours straight — without sleeping! — only a few minutes here and there to go to the bathroom.

Constant social hypnosis

Yet it’s not only entertainment, food, or substances that can hook us.

There will always be people wanting your attention and it’s hypnotic.

Whether it’s social media, or people in your own household, you can spend all day just responding to others’ wants.

An untrained heart

As you mature psychologically you’ll realize how important it is to be really careful about just going along with your whims everyday, going with your so-called “heart”.

An untrained heart is an unwise heart.

Once I learned how to start training my productivity, which was about 12 years ago when I started my business, my life began to completely transform.

“I hate constraints!”

Some of you may be saying — “I hate constraints… I dislike being constricted!”

Your calendar is not your boss… it’s your assistant!

It will help you to remember to take the self-care breaks that otherwise would go by the wayside because you’re so addicted or hypnotized in the moment.

Heavenly life

Once I started to faithfully follow my structure, my business began growing systematically.

Channel your rain

It’s kind of like rain.

Your life is a “business”

Another analogy — imagine you have a business with employees, and you just tell them “Come in whenever you feel like it — you know, just go with the flow! Sometimes you might feel like coming in and sometimes you don’t.”

The truth about “going with the flow”

Many people get the “go with the flow” idea from Taoism. Yet, truly flowing with the Tao is about channeling flow in a purposeful direction.

Your optimal structure

Even though I will show you my calendar and explain it step by step in the TLC Coaching Program, I don’t want you to follow my calendar. I want you to learn to follow yours.


Once you learn how to face your creative discomfort daily, you’ll realize that it doesn’t have to be intimidating. You now have the capability to rise above your anxiety and your depression. You’re no longer resentful for having a structure — because you thoughtfully designed it — it aligns with your values!

Your best assistant

Self-empowerment, true personal power, is learning to generate flow and creativity on demand. Once you learn to do this, there is nothing you can’t do. That’s what I’ve learned over the past 7 years. It has become a truly joyful life.

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"