The Most Secure Investment? Community.

A client was concerned about her financial future. Having left a company, she is no longer building up her pension. Now, she must create her own retirement plan.

This made her susceptible to the hype of marketers promising 7 figure incomes.

I say it all the time — be wary of any person that tempts you with high income possibilities. It’s often a very bad investment.

And it’s not healthy to be among people who keep prioritizing the fantasy of huge external rewards. An authentic business is built with intrinsic motivation.

For a financial future, I offer basic rules of personal finance in this post.

For now, I have an unusual recommendation:

The smartest investment in your future is to build a loyal and growing fan base.

When you have an audience that genuinely cares about you, you can sell anything that is truly worthwhile for them, and they’ll trust you enough to buy it.

With a community of genuine fans, you will never be in want. You have these options:

  1. Create and sell your own products.
  2. Recommend another product (and receive commissions).
  3. Or simply ask your audience for financial support (using Patreon​ or GoFundMe​).

These become more and more viable as you grow a loyal fan base. This is why I often advise you to build an audience.

We humans evolved to rely on the long-term security of a tribe. Staying in our tribe, we would always be taken care of. Now, in our modern individualistic society, we each have to create our own tribes.

Thankfully, with the internet, we now have the opportunity to be discovered by kindred spirits around the world. We can build a community of people who resonate deeply with our authenticity, as we serve them genuinely.

This is how we create long-term security in modern times.

How do I build this kind of audience, and do what I recommend to clients? Create authentic and relevant content consistently. And learn how to distribute that content so that enough of the right people see it. You will grow, and you will be helping others.

The bottom line: The process of growing your audience is your most secure retirement. Build a community who care about you… because you cared about them first.

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"

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