The EADA System for Joyful Productivity

Eliminate, Automate, Delegate, Appreciate.



  • Instead of back and forth emails for scheduling, I use AcuityScheduling.
  • Instead of manual data entry, I use Zapier.
  • Instead of manually moving newsletters into “read later”, I use gmail’s filters.


  1. Some of the people you hire will want to do more work for you than your business actually needs. If you hire them by the hour, they are incentivized in that way. Be smart and only outsource the tasks that are truly productive. You may want to check in with a business-savvy colleague or a coach before you spend money outsourcing a task or project.
  2. Once you’ve determined tasks that are truly productive to outsource, then hire quickly… don’t get bogged down by trying to pick the perfect person. It’s almost impossible to know in advance, unless they have consistently bad reviews. I’ve worked with some of the best freelancers who had no reviews, so don’t be afraid to give someone new a try. Hire quickly, but here’s the next key:
  3. Give a small task first, and if they do well, a slightly bigger task, and then increase your trust in them in that way.
  4. If at any point (including the small task) there’s a doubt in your mind they’re the right person, it’s best to quickly end the contract/project with them as appropriate, and go onto trying the next freelancer. This is why you should try out a small task with them first.
  5. Often, for an important project, I will hire several freelancers to do the same small task, to see which one I’ll give the next bigger task to.




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George Kao

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"