Succeeding as a Perceiver Entrepreneur in a Judger World

Perceiver Characteristics

Perceivers are curious, creative, love to gather information, tend to work independently (disliking bureaucracy and rules), more open to risk-taking, and they can adjust to mistakes or unexpected situations on the go, rather than having to prepare contingencies and escape clauses. They prefer to keep their options open.

Judger Characteristics

Judgers on the other hand, love to plan things out. Calendars. To-do lists. Deadlines. Decisions. They want closure and completions, and enjoy routine and predictability. They don’t mind making quick decisions (would prefer that, than having a decision process drag on a long time.)

Helping Perceivers

I am such a J that I feel I have a hard time understanding P’s. My content has been created from a J perspective, of course, so if you are a P, that may explain why it’s challenging to apply what I teach — it doesn’t come naturally to you.

Not Fixed — It’s a Tendency

Interestingly, Judging or Perceiving is called a “preference” and they are not fixed traits. You can be one or the other, depending on what the situation requires of you, but you tend to snap back to your typical preference later.

Using Both Strengths

When it comes to creating and growing a successful authentic business, it helps to combine both P and J strengths.

How P’s Can Succeed

If you are a P, and want to build a business without the pressures of creating content consistently, then it seems to me you have a couple choices:

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George Kao

George Kao


Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"