Staying on purpose as an entrepreneur when big personal challenges arise

​Emotions, personal growth and being a Solopreneur

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Daily Practices

Raechelle Embrey — One thing for me that was huge was sticking with my meditation practice…. when I neglected it, I didn’t feel as clear and as focused as I would have liked.

Naming & Framing

Tina Bowne Hart — Sometimes we are just going to be emotionally distracted and we need to go into what I call “the basic essential minimum mode”.

Support Systems

Ruth Toledo AltschulerSolidarity from friends and loved ones. Meeting friends, receiving warmth, love and some lightness. This makes a world of difference. We do so much better when we experience this sense of solidarity. We need one another, and we need to open ourselves up to receive from those who care for us.

Allowing Space

Angie Evans — I’m really good at compartmentalizing things until I’m finished with work. Often the stuff I have to box up and put away until later is the stuff I see while working… Also, I have my secret keepers and energy workers: If I have a rough experience with my clients (as a witness, care providers), I have a few select people I can talk to about it, cry if I need to, or receive energy clearing help. THIS HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST FACTOR IN MY PROFESSIONAL LONGEVITY!! The average burn out rate in my field is 2 years and I am going on 20. (Angie is a doula, who has been assisting births for the last 20 years.)

Showing Up is Healing

Mojca HenigmanShowing up and being the conduit for what wants to emerge in the session to serve the client helps my energy tremendously. I find the same thing, when my spirit might feel tired, helping someone in a session actually brings me more to life. One reason is that during that time I am not thinking/overthinking about my situation, and on the other hand the act of giving, helping, and connecting to another human is restorative.

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