Sleep Tips — Falling and Staying Asleep

These are the techniques that help me…

To build a thriving authentic business requires multiple habits to be cultivated. If I had to name one habit that I would encourage everyone to start with, it would be to practice better sleep.

One-Time Preparations

Get blackout curtains for your bedroom. Even a sliver of light can affect your sleep so try to make your bedroom as dark as possible each night.

Nightly Preparations

As day turns to night, your willpower tends to decrease because you’ve been using it all day. Ironically, we need energy (willpower) to get ourselves to bed. Make it easier for yourself by having a clear, unambiguous step-by-step plan for how you wind down and go to bed.

Moving my sleep time

I used to be a night owl, getting to bed at about midnight, and still it was a struggle to fall asleep.

The SPA Method

Once you’re in bed, lights out, how to fall and stay asleep? I used to have so many thoughts before bed, often waking up in the middle of the night with a strong desire to write or plan things. I learned that it just makes my next day feel terrible because I didn’t get enough rest.

S = Sixty seconds to stillness.

Once I’m in bed and lights out, I start counting up from 0, and try to adjust my position and the blanket and the pillow and everything else, before I get to the count of 60, to feel comfortable enough to move to the next step.

P = Peaceful healing breath.

Once I’m still, I start to think “peaceful healing breath”.

A = Appreciation.

Usually, the stillness and peaceful healing breath will have me asleep within 10 minutes.

It’s like meditation

I’ve been a very light sleeper all my life. For years I had trouble falling asleep. With the SPA method and all the other preparations mentioned above, I now fall asleep much quicker.

Every Body is Different

However, every person’s bodily system is different.


Finally, trust that you’re getting enough sleep.

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