Simple Action Plan to Grow an Authentic Business

I’ve written a lot about the overall strategies needed to grow one’s authentic business audience and clientele. But what about actual, regular actions? In this post, I provide a few questions to guide you.

Let’s start with the most important question. It’s not “what’s your niche?” or “have you set up your email list?”

In fact, in my new side business that I started in July, I don’t even have a website, clarified niche, or services yet. All I have done is created content consistently, enough to now have about 2,000 people who have engaged with my content in the past few months. You can read about my new business in this blog category: Starting an authentic business.

So therefore, the first and most important question — no matter if you’re just starting your business, or already have a thriving one — is this:

1. What is your content creation rhythm?

By dedicating yourself to a consistent content rhythm, you’ll be developing a creativity and energy that flows into everything else in your business.

I make no excuses re: content creation. Even when I’m sick, my 3 priorities are: (1) sleep lots, (2) drink lots of water, and (3) make sure I still creat content.

Here’s my current weekly rhythm…

New Content each Friday — video and blog post. Example.

Re-purposed Content each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:

  • Monday: 1 previously well-received blog post, re-posted as a Facebook Status Update, that I can then boost to new audiences. Example 1, Example 2.

Video interview with one of my clients each Saturday. Example.

On Thursday and Sundays I usually promote my current offer (see Question #3 below). I will also soon start to promote worthy pieces of content from my colleagues.

You don’t have to follow my exact process. The point is to have some kind of reasonable schedule that allows you to share a variety of content.

Some weeks, my content rhythm strays from the usual, due to occasional timely announcements (such as my annual group coaching program announcement), but I stay faithful to the regular rhythm most weeks.

Stay faithful to the rhythm you’ve dedicated to, while allowing it to gradually change and innovate as your own business needs change.

When I started content creation several years ago, I was making a lot more new content.

  • 2015: my rhythm was 5 new videos a week, with a short written post accompanying each video.

​2. What is your content distribution plan?

If you create content, but have no plan to distribute it, i.e. to make it visible, then you might get discouraged quickly, feeling like you’re just talking (or writing) into a black hole.

In my new side business (topic: spiritual mentoring), I have no audience to start with, so I simply use Facebook Ads to distribute my content to new audiences, to people who will likely enjoy my content. It is working. As I mentioned, after just a few months, I now have regular engagers of my content. If you don’t know how to use Facebook Ads effectively and want to learn it from me, I teach a course: Facebook Ads Course.

For my current (main) business, here is my content distribution plan each week:

  • Weekly email newsletter sharing my latest posts. Example. Sign up: George Kao Email Newsletter.

If you’re just getting started with your FB business page, I would recommend sharing your content regularly to your FB personal profile as well, since in the beginning, that’s where most of your network is.

If there are any online groups, e.g. a Facebook group, where they encourage you to share content, that is another place to distribute your posts.

3. What is your plan for offers and launches?

Distributing content regularly is a great start. It builds your audience and credibility.

But do you also regularly invite them to work with you, or promote a product or program that you offer?

If not, then your audience is not even aware of, let alone considering, your products and services.

Here’s my rhythm of offers:

  • Every month: Launch a different online course.

4. What is your plan for connections?

When I first started my business, I was much better about keeping in touch. In the past few years, however, thanks to my rhythm of content and offers, my client roster has been consistently full. (You are welcome to inquire about joining the wait list.)

Starting in the new year, I plan to get back into the rhythm of “netcaring” (compassionate “networking”)… in part to be a good role model to my clients!

I’ve scheduled 1 hour each week to do the following:

  • Reach out to 2 previous clients to see how they are doing — not to try to get them to enroll again, but to genuinely care and see if I can help.

To me, netcaring is about connecting with people from a place of enjoyment (appreciation of some characteristics about them, and truly liking them for who they are) rather than from a motive that you want them to do something for you.

I wrote about how a colleague reached out to me in a way that didn’t feel right: How not to reconnect with professional colleagues.​​

Now it’s your turn to look at your own plan. For your own business, answer the 4 questions above.

​If you’d like to share your plan or any part of it, to benefit others with some ideas, comment here.

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