Should we create “irresistible” offers?

George Kao
4 min readJan 31, 2020
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Check out the following lines. It’s from a sales page by people I like and respect, but I do want to call out some outdated, manipulative ideas:

  • You’ll learn secrets for sharing what you do that produce instant trust and desire in your ideal clients
  • How to share your story about why you love your work so people lean in and get an “intuitive hit” that they need to work with you
  • How to create your unique, aligned, and irresistible “What Do You Do?” Statement

(I’ve bolded some words and phrases that I’ll discuss in this post.)

Don’t go looking for who wrote this or what program is being sold, because this type of language is rampant in my industry. I’m quite sure I myself have used such language in the past. I didn’t know that there was a better way.

Over the years, I’ve become sensitized to marketing manipulation and hopefully, by reading this post, you’ll also gain more conscious control over your purchasing choices, as well as your own marketing.


Commonly used in marketing to create FOMO, the word “secret” makes us feel like we want to be on the inside, so we don’t miss an advantage we could have over others… advantages that could bring us long-term security or fulfill our dreams.

This is why I no longer use this word. I believe there are no “secrets” to learn, only ideas that resonate with deep truth you already believe. If there was some new tactics, it can be found for free with enough Googling.

“Instant trust and desire”

The language of seduction and manipulation. “Trust” should never be produced “instantly”. Trust is earned from repeated trustworthy interactions.

And to instantly produce “desire” in our potential clients is to see them as pavlovian dogs that just need the right meat to make them salivate and do our bidding.

“Intuitive hit”

Intuitive hits are supposed to come from a higher spiritual source. Here, we’re led to believe that we could create marketing that will make the audience feel as if a higher source has recommended that they should buy our thing. A spiritual idea…



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