Turning My Business Priorities Upside Down — from Ego to the Heart

Get more fans ~ boost your likes ~ build your email list ~ get new clients ~ make more money!

I came to see that we are all deeply, and forever, taken care of… and that is a greater reality that none of us can screw up. No matter what we do, no matter how unskillful we’ve lived life, it is eventually going to work out amazingly well for you… and for me… for everyone.

(Not necessarily in this physical life… but in the long term of our soul/consciousness, which we will experience with absolute clarity and power, this life is but a blip.)

The true life of our consciousness, which I believe all of us will individually experience, it is a life of profound joy, complete peace, unlimited creativity, total well-being, perfect connectedness, unconditional love, far beyond what our words can describe.

1. Now, the primary question / purpose became: “How can I be of more use to others… to you? How can I help you, in a way that you feel is truly helpful?”

2. And then, the secondary question became: “Therefore, what product/service do I need to create, to serve the primary purpose of helping you? What kind of content would be best to create that you’ll find useful? What type of marketing do I do, that truly serves you, no matter when you buy — or whether you ever do?”

3. And then, the tertiary question became: “How do I structure my business, pricing, boundaries, schedule, to be sustainable as a business?”

1. The primary motive of my business became: How do I approach my business in a way that feels deeply good to the heart and soul? How might I embody Love and Truth, because I know I am truly loved?

2. Secondarily, what actions can I see is truly helpful to others? How would I want other businesses to treat me as a customer? What can I do in my business to treat others with that same courtesy?

3. Third, what about the pricing of services, the boundaries of my time, the sustainability of the business?

Previously, I had to keep trying to get better at persuasion tactics and sales skills to “get” people to opt into my “calls to action”, to subscribe, to share, to buy, to refer… Now, those persuasion tactics felt so misaligned with me, that I couldn’t do it anymore.

There’s an important factor here: Time.

Trust was built between me and my market.

 by the author.



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