So many people are seeking quick and easy money.


Often, it’s because they are tired with life and work. “If I could only solve this problem of money, then I can really have the freedom to live life on my terms.”

And then they get easily tempted by people who are selling them some quick/easy money system.

Unless you’re already a well-connected genius in the business world, the truth is that quick and easy money is possible only if you leave out ethical and authentic….

First rule: try not to lose money

Avoid investing with anyone who tells you about quick and easy money. The way they’re making their money is by selling you a fantasy.

Money is quick and easy to make when someone is willing to deceive, hype, and manipulate lots of people into give them money.

I know this intimately well because my family has been duped out of a great deal of money. And early on in my business career, I almost became that kind of salesman too. I thought it was justified because “I’ll focus on making lots of money first, thenI’ll do meaningful work later.”

The result: a bad conscience and a terrible reputation. It’s just not worth it.

Return again to your heart….

When tempted by quick and easy money, it’s often because we are emotionally tired, and therefore, also spiritually disconnected.

What’s most important is to rest well. Attend to your self-care. Reconnect to your life’s deepest purpose and highest values. (For example, mine are spiritual growth and right livelihood.)

When well-rested and connected to higher purpose, we come to see that the most important thing about money-making is to engage with activities that feel ethical and meaningful to us.

In other words, making money authentically is what will deeply and sustainably satisfy us for life.

What about “quick” or “easy”? Realistically, pick one.

Authentic and Quick money

To achieve this, you must already have these assets:

  1. You already lead an audience.

Not impossible, but most of us don’t begin with those assets and characteristics.

Giving yourself that kind of goal — making real money, authentically, within a few months — is highly unrealistic, and you’ll develop a lot of unnecessary pressure and strain.

Authentic and Easy money

It is absolutely possible to make real money, ethically and meaningfully… if you are willing to be patient.

This is done by building a real audience you want to serve, then developing (or sourcing) a product or service that they really want.

It’s easy to describe. And actually, it’s not hard if you are willing to take it step by step, learn along the way, and allow enough time to bear fruit.

How much time will it take?

This of course depends on what you already bring to the table.

  1. How good are your work habits? Or do you need to develop a lot of it?

I have written about a 10-year authentic business plan. Following that plan step-by-step allows you to make money by Year 2, and replacing a full-time income by Year 4. It is a spacious and doable plan, if you carefully follow the plan step by step.

No one can tell you exactly how long it’ll take you. The more skills, diligence, network, and experience you bring, the quicker you can make authentic money.

I recommend that you simply give yourself to the journey, with a commitment to joyful productivity, letting go of any pressure-filled timeline, and you will see real money sustainably appearing to fully support your life.

It seems like a miracle… until you see yourself doing it!

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"

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