Q&A: Sustaining Your Small Business in These Times

Bringing your offerings online in this age of social distancing

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I hosted a video Q&A discussing the following:

  1. How to survive as a solopreneur in this climate of social distancing?
  2. How do we offer our work online? Suggested tools?
  3. Paypal buttons: any advice on using them? What about pay-what-you-can?
  4. FB Ads: tips for how to know whether it’s working or not?
  5. Any tips for just getting started with business? Who is our ideal audience?

Access the full Q&A video with additional notes by clicking here.

I hosted an additional Q&A about the following:

  1. Time-management related… In unsettling times — how do you keep up with the schedule and with discipline?
  2. How do you consistently keep writing every day?
  3. How to make offers during this unsettling time, and not be taking advantage of the vulnerable?
  4. Webinar, FB live, Zoom, YouTube, Instagram live… pro’s and con’s of each?
  5. Facebook Ads 101

Access this additional Q&A video with notes by clicking here.

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