Is the Purpose of Life to be Happy?

Perhaps the purpose of Life is: to truly Love more.

What about you — what characteristics do you admire in your heroes? Different people might resonate with different virtues.

The purpose of life is to become a better person.

In every moment there is an opportunity to grow, at least a little bit.

What about the pursuit of an optimal life?

The more serious and focused you get about your goals, the more you tend to forget the larger Purpose of Life.

What if goals are to be played with, not to get so serious about?

Think about any area of life that you want to improve:
It provides you with many opportunities for the most important improvement —
To grow in your virtues.

What about pleasure?

That is what I hope we can all experience more of: joy, peace, and love.

It’s healthy to occasionally ask oneself whether physical pleasures are becoming an obstacle to inner growth.

Even when you aren’t having a good time…

 by the author.



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