Offer Formats

Products or Services By Content Creators

  • Content such as…
    Pre-Recorded Lectures/Trainings
    Guided Meditations
    Live Presentations
    Interviews with Other Experts
    Panel Discussions
    …in either Audio format (downloads, or CDs) or Video format (online, or DVDs) or Text (outlines, articles, whitepapers, books) or Mindmaps
  • PDF of Transcripts
  • Slideshows (see for examples)
  • Kindle Book (can simply be an edited series of your blog posts)
  • Worksheets or workbook
  • Checklists or collections of information or links (resources, tools, quotes, ideas, etc)
  • Guides to your areas of expertise to make it simple, step-by-step
  • Templates
  • Case Studies of your clients (and others) who follow the suggested method and their results
  • FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  • Journals
  • Guided practice & reflection questions
  • Inspirational calendars
  • Email Mini-Course (“drip” digestible content every 1-7 days for a set amount of weeks.) You can use Mailchimp for this.
  • Ongoing Newsletter (also use Mailchimp)
  • Facilitated Online Community or “Membership Site” (can simply create your own Facebook Group or use a service like Mighty Networks)
  • Accountability Program (pair people up to talk weekly: Celebrate accomplishments; Challenges they faced; Coaching/encouragement/feedback from each other; Commitments for results until next call)
  • Group Q&A Calls (best to take questions in advance so you can prepare and announce the topic)
  • “Hot Seat” (or “Love Seat”) Calls (where you invite — or pick — specific individuals to coach in front of the group)
  • 1-1 Coaching
  • VIP Day (4–8 hour intense session with 1 client)
  • Live Events (seminars; workshops; retreats; cruises)
  • Online Course (incorporates some of the above options)

Are there any other formats you can think of? Feel free to comment.

I hope this list is useful for you. You’re welcome to share it forward.

Content Creators Simple Business Model

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