No need for traffic-and-conversion funnels. Keep it transparent and organic.

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A lot of solopreneurs are getting indoctrinated by digital marketers into believing that they need a complex sales/marketing “funnel”.

  1. You can only get that “free” thing by giving them your email address. (The “opt-in”) — see my other article No More Lead Magnets.
  2. You get 3 or more emails giving you “value” in the form of written tips or brief video lectures, but what you didn’t realize is that they’re also indoctrinating you for the purpose of selling you some specific thing.
  3. You then get an email that brings you to a sales webpage (usually quite long!) or invited to a “free” webinar, or a longer video that tries to sell you on the thing they were intending for you to buy this whole time.
  4. You then get cleverly-written email reminders until you buy, or opt-out. Sometimes it includes scarcity tactics (buy in the next 2 hours and you’ll get this amazing bonus or discount!)


These funnel/pipeline teachings are turning us into profit-driven automatons, and squeezing the heart right out of business.

As solopreneurs, we need less complexity in our business… and more heart.

This is what sets us apart from faceless corporations.

Here is an example of a simple, transformational pathway for your audience:

  1. Low price offering (help them as much as possible via DIY products)
  2. Higher price offering (for those who can afford and benefit from handholding / more personal contact with you)

Consistent Free Content

As you might know, Authentic Free Content is what I preach, and do my best to model. Stop seeing your free content as a “teaser” or sales tool, otherwise it can build discouragement & resentment within you.

Low Price Offerings

Ideas for low price offerings include:

  • $10-$30 one-hour online workshop or group session
  • $30-$100 online course (my examples.)

Higher Price Offerings

These are best offered to those who have bought some of your low-price offerings.

People who are ready and willing need only to be reminded, not persuaded.

Aim to be so authentic and gentle with your marketing that your audience ends up contacting you about your 1–1 services. They are hoping you will say “Yes, you can be my client.” My business arrived at this stage a few years ago, after a year of doing authentic and consistent free content, and then another year of low-price offerings. Since then, my 1–1 client roster has been consistently full, with an ongoing waiting list.

Keep it Organic and Transparent

Instead of designing a funnel with an ulterior motive of selling them, keep your interactions with your audience organic and transparent.

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"