Need more clients? Trade with other service providers…

What would help you the most is to keep using your skills day by day, to become so excellent at what you do, that clients just can’t help but refer you onward to their friends.

If you’re wondering: “Why not reach out to influencers who don’t necessarily need any clients, and offer them a free session, rather than a trade?”

As someone who might be considered somewhat of an influencer — and gratefully my practice is full at this time — I personally don’t like being approached like that, because I would feel obligated to do something for them as well. I think it works much better when you trade sessions with those who, like you, also need more clients.

Be sure to ask both colleagues, before you make the introduction to each other. Let’s say you just traded sesisons with Anne, and you’d like to introduce her to Bob, Claire, and David. Send Anne a brief email that includes the names, websites (if available) and any relevant info about Bob, Claire, David. Ask whom she’d like to be introduced to. Let’s say Anne picks Claire and David. Then you should individually email Claire, and David, separately, and give them info about Anne and see if they’d like to be introduced. Only when both parties say Yes, do you make the introduction. This is good networking etiquette that a lot of people forget to follow!

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