My Schedule of Content Creation

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For the last few years, I’ve been creating 3 videos and 3 blog posts each week. That’s approx 150 videos, 150 blog posts per year since 2015.

Idea Capture

It all starts with having a trusted system for logging ideas when they arise.

Content Planning

Once a week, I’ll spend about 15–30 minutes of focused time planning the next week’s content.

  1. The topic of the possible book after that
  2. A question asked my my clients/audience recently, can be any topic related to my areas of expertise

Initial Content Creation

Every Friday afternoon (the day doesn’t matter, just pick a consistent day) I go to the dog park with my wife. While she walks the dog, I’m at a distance, recording my 3 videos for the coming week. If you watch my videos you’ll notice that for several videos in a row I’ll be in the same location, wearing the same clothes. Nobody seems to mind… thank you :)

Should you do videos before blog posts?

The reason I do videos before my blog posts is because I’m used to it. I started doing it this back in 2015 when I still very much disliked writing and felt it easier for me to speak out my ideas on video. Once I made the video, I felt able to write down what I basically said.

Initial Logistics

Morning of the next day (Saturday) I move the videos from my phone to my computer, then upload it to Youtube as private videos (since I’m not ready to publish them yet.) This only takes 3 minutes.

Content Writing

The writing of my blog posts happen on the mornings of each Monday, Wednesday, Friday, for the week’s blog posts.

  • Copy/paste the text to the corresponding Youtube video (in the Description field) and publish the video
  • Copy/paste the text to the corresponding Facebook video (in the Description field) and publish the video
  • Upload the video to LinkedIn (see my feed) and also include the Medium link
  • Post the Medium and Youtube link to Google+ and Twitter

Publishing, not Perfecting

By the time I publish my videos or blog posts, am I always happy with them? Not always.

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Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"

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