My 3 Spiritual (Personal Growth) Practices

For the entrepreneurs who value personal/spiritual growth, business itself is a spiritual journey.

The challenges arising in entrepreneurship are no less daunting emotionally than almost any other endeavor in life.

To have a successful and authentic business, it’s helpful to keep returning to one’s spiritual / personal growth practice, in order to stay true to oneself in business.

In this post, I’ll share my top 3 spiritual / personal growth practices. May it inspire you to improve yours or to return again to what has worked for you.

Practice 1: Reboot.

I do at least 3 times every working day, and it takes less than a minute.

It’s easy throughout the day to fall into the illusion, constantly, that whatever project in front of me is “really important.” It’s easy to lose perspective of the greater whole.

The Reboot can quickly bring me back to a higher view. It’s a simple way to connect to my deeper values.

If I start neglecting the practice, I ask: Do I have 1 minute every hour or three for God / Purpose / Truth / Mindfulness?

A resounding YES. However, it takes intentionality to remember to do this.

It is a habit that needs to be cultivated — and it’s totally worth it.

I wrote about some reminder tools in this blog post:

I’ll describe my current Reboot technique. It continues to change as I change. I encourage you to come up with your own process, which may look totally different.

Or you can try mine and see if it fits your style.

Step 1: (I literally take a step while doing this.) I hold my hands to my heart.

I take a gentle, deep breath and as I do, I imagine breathing in Love.

(I have a strange personal belief that the Universe is made of Love, so this idea of “breathing in Love” is meaningful for me. If that doesn’t make sense to you, then find a practice that is deeply meaningful to your worldview.)

As I breathe out, I think “Total Security.”

(I believe that is the truth for my soul and for everyone. It’s truly going to be OK, and it already is.)

Step 2: I take another step, and continuing to hold my hands to my heart, I breathe…

I breathe in Love once again.

As I breathe out, I say “May Your Loving Will be done.” (This is influenced by my Christian upbringing. My personal belief is that God’s true will is ultimate Love… more loving and wise than I can understand. God wants the very best for me — and everyone — and that Destiny is indeed secure. This is why it’s meaningful to me to wish for God’s will in my life. Again, you may need to modify this practice for your worldview.)

Step 3: I now put my arms down, open in a receiving way, and I breathe…

I breathe in Wisdom, believing that it is also what the Universe is made of, and it is literally always available to me, if I am open enough to receiving it.

I breathe out Wisdom, imagining it is coming out of my pores, a symbol of me acting in Wisdom today.

Step 4: I put my palms together, gently held to my chest, and I breathe…

I breathe in today’s virtue.

I switch my virtue focus each day. I listed them in my blog post about life purpose:

I breathe out the activation of that virtue in my life today.

That’s it.

When actually practiced, the above steps usually takes a minute or less.

And then I can return to my tasks with a higher perspective.

Practice 2: Read.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Similarly: Quality input into your mind = Quality output in your life.

It’s like once you get into junk food, it’s easy to make that a habit. Eating nutritious food, however, requires intentionality and habit-creation.

I find it very important to intentionally and habitually be consuming quality spiritual / personal growth content. Otherwise, there’s far more entertaining yet garbage content that is easy to consume without intention.

Habit cultivation is also needed for this practice.

There’s lots of great articles about creating habits: google it if you’d like a refresher.

What works for me is to connect my spiritual reading to an existing activity that I already do — walking the dog several times a day.

“Reading” doesn’t have to be only eyes-on-words. It can be listening to a podcast or audiobook, or watching a video.

I use YoutubeRed to “listen” to quality spiritual videos while on my daily walks. I listen to a spiritual video first, before I reward myself with other entertaining content… although sometimes, once I’m into the spiritual content, I wish to keep going.

To find high quality spiritual / personal growth videos, I first installed the chrome plug-in “Ratings Preview”, and then I search Youtube for spiritual growth topics that I care about, and then I add the best-rated videos to my Watch Later playlist. Then before I start my walk, I open the Youtube App on my phone, go to Library then Watch Later and there are my spiritual growth videos.

To see the spiritual / personal growth videos I’ve liked, here are the playlists:

Personal Growth / Mindfulness:

Wisdom from NDE’s and the Afterlife:

What is Reality?:


Practice 3: Reframe.

Ultimately, the first two practices are leading to — and constitute daily support for — the hardest and perhaps most important practice: Reframing “negative” experiences.

Anything that is unpleasant or “causes” negative emotions within me, is only negative because it’s has been my habitual perception to view that kind of event in a negative way.

This morning, when I started writing this very post, I couldn’t use my computer for 30- minutes (which cut down my available writing time by one-third) because it was doing an automatic software upgrade.

Instead of anxiously waiting for half an hour, I quickly reframed this as an experience in practicing the virtues of Flexibility and Resourcefulness.

I instead started writing this article on my phone’s Google Keep app. Once the computer booted back up, I was able to finish the article on the computer.

Or the other day I started to wash my hands, and after my hands were wet I realized I’d completely run out of hand-soap. I reframed the experience as the opportunity to practice being less germaphobic :)

These are small examples, but that’s really how we start the Reframe practice: with small inconveniences. This builds our muscle, so that we can then use the technique on larger difficult life events.

About 5 years ago, I came to a breaking point in my business. I no longer believed in what I was doing. As a result, I started to subconsciously sabotage my business partnerships and within a few months, my income dropped by two-thirds.

Eventually, I had to learn to reframe that experience as a blessing in disguise (because I believe that “negative” experiences always are.) That business breakdown was what allowed me to totally transform how I was doing business, to start behaving much more authentically, being truer to my deeper values.

Today I can look back and feel gratitude that I was “forced” by life to give up that way of doing business.

Start practicing Reframe with small setbacks, tiny daily inconveniences. Work with a Life Coach or Spiritual Mentor if you need help doing this. It is a life-changing, joy-creating practice.

Oops, I’ve run out of writing time….

Reframe: The reader has probably had enough :)

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