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Marketing doesn’t have to be fake, nor a performance.

But it does takes the practice of your passion and compassion.

The way that marketing is done, and taught, often feels fake or pushy.

As a coach, I’m supposed to set myself up as an Authority… the infallible expert in my field, the “top” choice, the #1 whatever… to make my personal brand look polished and amazing, make my company look bigger than it actually is. I’m supposed to be persuasive, compelling, attractive.

What I’ve discovered, through a lot of trial and error, is that I actually can “be myself” and still do “marketing” (really, connection and education) that naturally spreads.

My branding and “marketing” is average at best.

Marketing has become authentic, service-oriented, and really does attract and enroll ideal clients.

We don’t have to learn or do any persuasion/influence tactics.

There’s no need to do anything that doesn’t feel right to our conscience.

Sales funnels feel manipulative to most of us. So do most “free webinars”, and most sales conversations. It’s not what we would do to a friend, nor what we want done to us.

Manipulative marketing might “work” to get unsuspecting people to take action. Even so, it feels a little “off” to the person it’s being done to, and doesn’t build a long-term loyalty. It also bothers our conscience, and makes us eventually want to stop marketing at all. (I’ve done it all before… and burned out from the mainstream methods and had to re-start my business a few years ago.)

Rather than trying to be an Authority, I discovered that what works best for me is Authenticity.

Yet for this passion and compassion to effectively build your business, you need to practice, to become skillful.

Practice the skills of sharing your Passion.

Are you consistently creating and distributing your passionate content?

Without consistency of practice, skill-building becomes very slow. So does audience-building.

However, with consistency of practice in content creation & distribution, your audience-building can happen in months instead of years.

  • Practice and get better at the 3 stages of content.
  • Practice getting more skilled at content distribution, for example, Facebook Ads (my choice), or guest blogging, or cross promotions.

Consistency with these practices will result in greater and greater skill of naturally sharing your passion, with a larger and larger audience, in your most authentic and powerful way.

Your ideal audience will consistently grow.

Practice the skills of connecting with Compassion.

For genuine service to happen, genuine compassion is needed.

For genuine compassion to be there, you need to talk to, engage with, really “be” with more individuals in your ideal audience.

Most heart-based business owners say they care… but do you care enough to get out of your own comfort zones and talk to more potential clients from a space of compassion and service (not selling)?

Here are the key skills to practice for a compassion that builds your business:

  • Fan Interviews, which I wrote about in this blog post:
  • Market Research: looking at the products/services your audience is buying or considering — the ones similar to your business — and be genuinely curious why they buy them, and what’s still missing. It’s applying compassion to understand your market (your potential clients).

The pitfall that many heart-based entrepreneurs aren’t doing: they aren’t talking to enough of their audience members… to then be able to really feel into what those people need and want. When you do that adequately, it activates your genuine compassion.

As a result, you’ll naturally make offerings (products/services/programs) that are more resonant with what your audience is feeling and wanting. Marketing becomes an instinct, rather than a hard slog.

Then, you can simply “whisper” your offerings and they will buy. It’s no longer about persuasion, but about resonant connection, having something you are genuinely excited to offer, that they are genuinely excited to buy.

Your marketing becomes joyful, human, and authentic.

Go and practice passion and compassion. Do it consistently, and your authentic business will thrive.

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