Make more money so you can help more people?

Be as visionary as possible, imagining the kind of good you can do in the world.

Be as flexible as possible in how that vision is achieved.

I received this question from a reader…

“I feel I need to charge a higher rater in order to serve my mission on the planet… because I choose to give 60% of my income back to the planet so as to create spaces and opportunities for people to blossom and grow, e.g. retreat centers, creative spaces, etc. I want to serve as a platform for spiritual leaders to have opportunity and serve purpose by providing them with the environments (and even clientele) they need. For those reasons, I feel that I need high-end rates and am doing my best to only work with people who can afford it (established coaches and leaders.) However, those are not the only people who come to me. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this.”

My brief answer:

If it is working for your business and your heart, then go for it 💛

If it isn’t quite working, or at some point it stops working, it may be that your higher purpose has been co-opted by an egoic agenda, as in “I want to make lots of money because then I get to decide where the money goes…”

The ego says “I know better than others in how to allocate money, so I deserve more of it than others…”

Instead, what if you focused on simply doing your most heartfelt business… and then allow the income to take place? IF it is meant to be that you have lots of money, then that means you have been given the responsibility to distribute it wisely. If not, then you’re called to support your vision in other creative ways.

Saying that you must make lots of money in order to be helpful to others, is allowing the means to justify the ends. This is how misalignment happens, and integrity eroded.

Let’s go deeper, and examine the aspects of this reader’s mission:

1. To help spiritual leaders be able to have a livelihood sharing their message.

2. To help create physical space for like-minded, like-hearted people to connect and transform.

A praiseworthy mission!

However, the breakdown happens in the “how” of getting there. Why is it that the “how” must be monetary, that he must give “60% of his income” towards it? That brings an unnecessary burden onto himself, and onto his clients, due to the higher rates that must be charged.

Imagine a plumber who has to charge you more than other plumbers, because he gives 60% of his income to Habitat for Humanity.

Of course it’s wonderful to support Habitat… but not when it becomes a burden for oneself, and one’s clients.

Charge rates that are based on Enoughness (for yourself) and Compassion (for your clients).

(Occasionally, compassion for a client who has a lot of money might mean that you need to charge them a high enough rate that inspires them to really show up and do the work… but that topic is for another post.)

Be creative in finding ways to support your vision now — with what you have — doing what you can, without further delay or additional requirements.

If you are faithful and make real progress on a worthwhile vision with your current means, you will then be given more resources to further grow that vision.

For example, why not use your own current platform and reach — as it exists now — to do some fundraising or give visibility for those spiritual leaders and retreat centers? It doesn’t all have to come from your own income. Why not inspire others to give as well? That may be better than trying to make money to help people, because when you involve others in supporting the vision, you are building a community of heart and hands toward a common goal.

Instead of requiring your clients to share your same charitable vision, just serve your clients’ visions, and then use whatever means you are given to support your own.

Another idea — to support those spiritual leaders’ livelihood, why not interview them on your own platform now, on your Facebook page, in your email newsletter, on your youtube channel, on your podcast, etc? Why not simply help them share their message now, to allow more of their prospective clients to find them? If you help them learn to share their message effectively, you will be *empowering them* for a sustainable future, rather than creating a dependency on you.

The ego wants others to be dependent, thereby having power over others. Spirit wants to help others to be self-empowered, thereby giving true freedom.

I encourage you to separate your rates from your desires to give back to charity.

Support your charitable vision now with what you already have, not needing to get more. Be creative in how you support your causes, and you will be given more.

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"