Let Go of the Need to Make a “Good First Impression” — Just Publish More

​A lesson I’ve been learning throughout my life — especially in business — is to let go of the need to make a “good first impression.”

For example, this may be the first blog post you see from me. Maybe you don’t like it. It might be making a poor first impression on you.

Should I be afraid to lose you as a potential reader? If I were, I might never write blog posts… there’s too many people I could disappoint and “lose”, if I don’t make a good first impression.

Here’s the fallacy of thinking:

Step 1. Publish something less than optimal.

Step 2. Lose readers forever.

Reality works more like this…

  1. You publish something.
  2. Your audience will tell you whether it’s good or not.
  3. If it’s not good, yes you may lose a few readers for awhile…
  4. Yet if you keep publishing, you will learn from audience feedback, and you’ll be able to make your content truly better.
  5. Some of the previously “lost” readers (from a poor first impression) will find their way back to you, thanks to good word-of-mouth.
  6. More new people will also find you, thanks to the volume of content you now have out there.
  7. Most importantly, you grow every time you post something, because you learn to ignore the fear (simply an emotional reaction to the illusion of a scarce reality, when in fact the universe is abundant, the opportunities are limitless.) Each time you publish, you get another opportunity to improve. Without publishing, you won’t truly improve.

I encourage you to apply this lesson to various aspects of business, whether it’s publishing blog posts, making videos, writing books, doing launches, or reaching out for potential promotional partners.

We need to keep remembering this, time and again: It’s more important to grow through practice, than avoid making a bad first impression.

In 2015, I applied this lesson when I started making my videos. If I had instead allowed my fear to rule, I would not have been able to make 100 videos, and you wouldn’t now be seeing new videos from me consistently .

It comes down to this — Do you let your fear rule, and give into the illusion of a scarce universe? … or Do you let love rule, and surrender to the truth of an abundant universe?

The more you let love rule, the more courageous you become, and the faster you learn and grow.

This lesson can be applied to reaching out for promotional partners — people who would benefit from sharing your offerings with their audience. Maybe you’re afraid to make a bad first impression, to burn bridges.

If so, you are in the scarcity mindset. Do you think there’s only a few potential promo partners for you so you don’t want to disappoint any of them? Let’s do a reality check: there are more than 125 million small & medium businesses in the world, and more than 150 million blogs.

My guess would be that out of those hundreds of millions, you have at least tens of thousands of ideal promotional partners. You can find them via LinkedIn (500 million users), Facebook (2 billion users), Google searches, and simply asking around your own network.

Don’t be afraid to make a terrible first impression. How will you learn unless you put something out there, and learn from real market responses? This is how to truly learn how to outreach.

Always remember in the abundance of the universe — there are literally limitless opportunities for you.

Just start reaching out today, and keep improving upon your outreach methods.

Another way I applied this lesson is that I finally published my first book this year — Authentic Content Marketing.

For a long time I gave into the fear of publishing, because I wanted to have enough case studies, to have enough smart ideas, to be an amazing writer, before I published my first book. A book! With the potential of bad Amazon reviews! How could I live with that?

I now realize, I can live with anything… because nothing is permanent, except divine love.

The only way to truly learn is to keep making impressions.

Let go of the need to make a good first impression, so you can make the next impression, and the next, and the next… each time, learning just a little bit to improve yourself, for future impressions.

Before you know it, good word of mouth will spread about you, but it wasn’t from your first impression. It is more likely to be from your 11th impression, or from your 111th impression.

You will have many, many opportunities to make impressions in this lifetime. It keep getting better over time.

Start today. Make your first (or next) impression! :)


Here’s the original video (from May 2017 — before I published my book) where the seeds of this blog post originated…

Originally published at GeorgeKao.com as Let Go Of The Need To Make A Good First Impression.

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity" https://www.GeorgeKao.com

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