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It’s “Fun” and “Easy” to Build an Authentic Business…

…at a much deeper level than most people might think.

I was playing a video game this morning. I wanted to keep going (for a lot longer!) It felt like a lot of fun.

But I had a commitment to write this blog post this morning, so I forced myself to stop playing the game (stop having “fun”), and instead engage with a blank computer screen, and do the “hard work” of figuring out what I will write.

Now that I’m 15 minutes into it, I’m having “fun” writing this, staying curious about what I’m going to write next, and also, envisioning that if even just 1 person eventually reads and gets a lot out of this, I will have made a positive difference.

This is understanding “fun” at a deeper level.

When you give yourself fully to an endeavor that is highly creative, of deep service, and expressive of your passions, i.e. when you are building an authentic business, it is *deeply* fun.

In other words, joy — at the level of mental adventure, spiritual growth, and emotional fulfillment.

Yet, that’s not how we usually define fun… things like going to a concert, buying nice stuff, having a nice dinner, or otherwise being materially entertained.

And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with material pleasures, especially when it’s used for self-care and renewing your sense of enjoyment in life.

The error happens when we assume that fun is supposed to be at the material level of building a business too…

“It doesn’t feel fun to write a blog post right now, even though I scheduled to do so. Instead I’m going to play a video game.”

“It doesn’t feel fun to reach out to that prospective client, because they might reject me. So I’ll go do something that has no risk of rejection.”

“It’s not fun to announce my new online course because maybe nobody will buy it and it’ll hurt emotionally, so I’ll wait and go perfect it some more, because doing that has little risk.”

What if you could reframe all of this, so that you take the truly productive actions in your business — and find it deeply fun?

And what if that is part of life’s purpose: to sense into the deeper joy that’s present in all productive and helpful activities, that at the surface level don’t seem “fun”?

“It doesn’t feel fun to write a blog post, but I have made a commitment to do this now, so I will seek out the joy that is possible in learning to write on schedule.”

“It doesn’t feel fun to reach out to a prospective client because they might reject me, but I’ll think of it as human connection and service, and find joy in doing that!”

“It doesn’t feel fun to announce my new online course because maybe nobody will buy, but let me find the joy in the spirit of experimentation: I wonder how my audience will respond, or not?”

It’s up to you, it’s the deeper work, to reframe your fears and doubts everyday. To see in your journey the adventure, the making a difference, the personal growth. To connect your daily actions to your great journey.

Doing that is profoundly meaningful. In other words, it’s deeply fun.

What about ease?

Let’s also look at “Easy” from a deeper level.

Do you believe that no matter what, you’re going to be OK?

Whether or not your business works out, you fill figure out how to survive?

We each need to find a way that creates a deep sense of security within us: whether it’s the belief in ourself and our abilities, a belief in our community/society, or a belief in God.

Discover your source of deepest security, and connect to that source every single day.

Personally, I believe in the eternal, inevitable, positive evolution of my soul. I’m not afraid of death. I believe my consciousness will go on, and through many experiences, will keep moving towards greater wisdom, love, and beauty. I believe it is inevitable.

Since I’m not afraid of death, then everything else is put into perspective. Potential failures and losses and mistakes in my business? No big deal. I can deal with it, no matter what, because it is all part of the journey of growth, toward the ultimate joy.

Therefore, there is profound ease underlying everything that I do.

This gives me a lot of courage, then, to take risks in my business. To try things even if it might totally flop. To try new and “scary” things often. (I put “scary” in quotes because I’ve practiced reframing it as experimentation… and that is deeply fun!)

No matter what, I am going to be fine. Not because I have a trust fund (I don’t — I have to make my own living.) But because I have a deep faith that I am inevitably moving in a positive direction. I cannot screw that up, no matter what I do.

My faith gives me courage everyday to try new things and learn.

No matter what faith or worldview you have, I wish for you that sense of profound security. So that you can feel liberated to see your business journey at the deepest level of fun and ease — growth and meaning.

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Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"

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