Sell only to those who care

Trying to persuade is what spawns inauthenticity.

Many authentic business owners dislike marketing & selling because it often feels inauthentic.

When you’re in the energy of trying to “get” an unwilling person to believe you, and to buy your thing, it’s easy to slip into saying anything you think the other person wants to hear. You lose your grounding and authenticity.

Instead, what if you sell to people who will quickly believe the value of what you’re selling?

When speaking to potential clients, only describe your services to the interested.

When creating an email or webpage to describe your product / service / program, picture in your mind those who would be eagerly on board, if only they knew about the offering.

Create a Facebook event page for the people who would be eager to attend, if only they knew about it.

Do this and your marketing/selling will feel like joyful connection, rather than a necessary evil.

It’s Your Ivy League Program

This applies whether you’re selling a $45 online workshop (my examples) , or if you’re selling a premium high-end program.

I was consulting with someone who is selling her $12,000 coaching program. She felt nervous about how to convince others of the value of such a program. I said:

“If you were interested in going to Harvard University, would they need to convince you of the value of their program?

Harvard would be about 4 times more expensive than her program.

If you have a premium program, think of it like an ivy league education for your ideal client.

If you create a program you really believe the value of, and you describe it in that kind of way to the ideal client, then if anything, they would have to convince you to let them in, not the other way around.

It’s Your Black Friday Offering

If you have a low-price offering (e.g. an online course) think about your ideal buyer like they are waiting for Black Friday to finally get such a great deal on a product they’ve been wanting. (Not that you have to discount, but I’m talking about that kind of right-match and eagerness.)

Sell To The Eager 10%

When you do your overall marketing, sell to the 10% most eager ones in your audience. Think of them. Write your marketing copy for them.

Then you can be in your authentic self, joyfully sharing what you have thoughtfully put together, that your ideal clients / customers are eagerly looking forward to!

Sell only to those who know the value. Remind them of it. Clarify anything that’s not obvious.

They’ll be glad to see your offer. They are happy that it exists because it’s something they’ve been looking for.

Lack of sales — What to do?

If not enough people know the value, don’t push, or you’ll go into the territory of desperation, and neediness.

As you push, you will push people away.

If you’re lacking enough sales of your product / service / program, here are 3 helpful actions to take:

Do additional niche interviews.

Have conversations with more people from your existing audience, so that you can understand more deeply what they’re wanting at this time.

This then allows you to create or modify your product or program into something which they would already understand the value of, rather than trying to sell them something they don’t yet value.

Authentic Content Marketing

Spend more time with your authentic content marketing so that your ideal audience can find you.

Share your vision widely and deeply, without attachment or resentment, but with a desire to connect with the kindred spirits that are out there.

It can speed up your efforts by a lot if you are willing to spend $30 per month on Facebook Ads. Generally the more you can spend the faster you will reach the people who want your offerings. To learn my whole method for using Facebook Ads effectively, consider taking my online course about it: Facebook Marketing Course for Authentic Business

Authentic Collaborations

Spend more time connecting with relevant influencers who have the audience you’d love to reach.

Their audience, if it’s ideal for your offering, would love to find out about it, and would be grateful to you and to that influencer.

You might then pay a commission to that influencer for any sales that result. It can be a true win-win.

Remember your true fans.

If you keep caring about them, more than other businesses are willing to care, they will gladly buy from you, or they will help you by telling you what to sell to them and others just like them.

To grow your authentic business, keep caring, connecting, and creating offerings from that love and understanding.

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