I was so excited to read this and try it out… and then, I discovered 3 deal-breakers:

Forced Advertisements:

Anchor puts an advertisement about their platform into the beginning or end of every podcast episode that you create/upload with their platform.

I would be fine paying for hosting my podcast on anchor, to remove those ads, but there’s no way to do that right now.

Even if I download (export) a segment, it comes with anchor’s ad already embedded. I’d have to do audio editing to get rid of it… but the point of using Anchor is to make things easy, not harder.

I don’t want Anchor’s forced ads on my podcast.

Forced Fade-In, Fade-Out:

There’s always a several-second fade-in at the beginning of each segment, and several-second fade-out at the end.

It sounds kind of weird.

5-Minute Segment Limit:

Each segment can only be 5 minutes. To stitch together a 1-hour podcast you’d need to record 12 separate segments. (This is different from their interview format, but I am recording my own content.)

If the above can be fixed, then maybe I’ll trust anchor again…

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