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How (not) to Introduce 2 People

(Especially if one of them is an influencer)

You’re a connector and love introducing people to each other. It can be a wonderful (sometimes career-changing) effect when it’s the right match!

1. How each person works with others

The farther along someone is in their business, the clearer a structure they have for working with others.

  1. Resource — maybe you’ve used someone’s service (e.g. a freelancer) that you believe can really help grow the influencer’s business. You know the influencer’s business well enough to know that they probably need this kind of person.
  2. Referral Source — someone who is interested in interviewing them on a podcast / youtube channel / blog and has an established audience and may even want to become an affiliate for the influencer. To know what is a right-match audience, see the next section.

2. Right-match audience

Someone who is early in their business (aka “newbie”) generally should not be introduced to someone who is far along (aka “influencer”), with the exceptions that I named above.

How to make the introduction?

Think through the above 2 points first — what kind of person are you introducing, and if it’s a colleague/peer, is there audience match?

What if the influencer doesn’t want to be introduced?

Let’s say the influencer (“Mary”) is too busy and can’t take an introduction at this time. Thank Mary for letting you know, then write back to the other person (“Bob”) —

This is a public service announcement…

I hope you can learn from my mistakes.

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"

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