Grow your client base through Specificity and Trust

Imagine if I offered you this deal:

Just pay me $1,000 and we’ll spend a few hours together. We’ll talk about whatever you want in your business!

You’re not likely to take me up on that. At least, I hope you aren’t that easily sold! ;-)

If I change it to something much more specific, it becomes more effective:

With 2 billion active users on Facebook, a lot of your ideal clients are on that platform almost daily. For $1,000 (total) I will do 1–1 coaching with you during a 3-month period to customize a highly effective monthly plan for your Facebook Marketing that fits your business and style. Once the plan is created, you’ll be able to keep implementing the plan, month after month, to grow your tribe by 10x–100x. You’ll be using Facebook more effectively than the vast majority of business owners.

(This is something I actually do. Currently my client roster is full, but you can get my complete strategies and create your own plan with my $45 Facebook Marketing Course.)

Another example:

Hire me as your relationship coach. I will help you find more love in your relationship.

So many people are essentially marketing their business in vague ways. Something much more specific would be effective:

Let’s start with 3 sessions of coaching, where I’ll ask you questions that help me understand the big picture of your relationship, and the roots of what is holding you back as a couple. You and I will then decide the top 3 doable (non-intimidating) actions that will bring joyful excitement, intimacy, and abiding trust into your relationship.

Another example:

My mentorship will get you to the next level of your career.

More specificity, more effectiveness:

My clients are unhappy at work because they can’t get their good ideas heard and implemented in the company. Let’s do 6 months of mentorship, where I will work with you to map out the specific levers of change (people, meetings, projects, and scripts) that will allow you to finally get your best 3 ideas considered by the executive team and have at least 1 of your ideas implemented, with credit to you.

I’m neither a relationship coach nor a career/executive coach, so the above specific examples I’m sure can be made more relevant to actual clients, if that is your field of expertise.

Also, in the examples above, I mentioned “3 sessions” or “6 months” — remember that you can always extend your work with clients, if the initial sessions are useful to them.

I hope the idea is clear: bring more specificity into your marketing, and it will tend to increase its effectiveness.


Even if you’ve gotten specific, how can I trust that you really know what you’re talking about? That you know how to help me?

Trust can be built in a variety of ways, including:

  • endorsements/recommendations from people that the client already trusts
  • better graphic design or higher quality video production
  • more frequent and thoughtful 1–1 contact with them, i.e. familiarity increases trust
  • authentic content marketing

As you can imagine (since I wrote a book called authentic content marketing) that is my favorite way to build trust — authentic, consistent, relevant content.

When people continually see content from you regarding your area of expertise, they come to trust you as one of the most knowledgeable and caring people in your field — that they’re aware of.

When they are ready to hire you or have a problem that you can solve, you’ll likely be the first person they think of and contact.

In fact, if you engage with the process of authentic content marketing, you will actually come to understand how to be specific in ways that your audience will care about.

So if you’re having trouble defining your niche or being specific about your offers — focus on creating content first, not worrying about how perfect it is nor how relevant to your audience. Just share what you know, in your area of expertise, and clarity and specificity will come.

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Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"

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