“Go with the flow” vs. “Scheduled flow”

To be creative, should you “go with the flow” or schedule out your day?

Consider your relationship to “deadlines”.

1. Go with the flow.

This can work well if you are already financially secure, or if you don’t need to achieve results within specific timelines. Accept whatever comes with your lifestyle.

Total acceptance is a deep spiritual practice.

The person I most respect for deeply committing to “go with the flow” is Peace Pilgrim. She did it from a deep service to humanity and spiritual growth. She was homeless and simply served everyone. She walked until given food or shelter, and just helped people wherever she went. She was deeply happy and many people consider her to be very spiritually realized. I highly recommend listening to her audiobook, which is free to hear online: Peace Pilgrim Audiobook.

2. Scheduled Performance.

Many successful people work in this way. (But it’s not the only way to success.)

3. Scheduled Flow.

This is what I aim for.

Here’s the difference:

Whatever task I’ve scheduled to do, I just go with the flow within that task.

I aim to enjoy the task itself, without forcing myself to “perform” or achieve an “optimal” result.

To say it differently: I make sure I show up for the task I’ve scheduled (left-brained), and then I allow my creativity and intuition to guide me within that task (right-brained.)

What about the results?

I believe — and have seen from years of experimentation — that if I show up consistently to practice joyful productivity in the moment, and let go of pressuring myself to achieve results, I tend to accomplish a lot over time, and with more graceful calm.

Stay with the Process

The key to making this work is to stay with the task that I’ve scheduled, even if I don’t feel like it. I don’t allow myself to get distracted and “go with the flow” in terms of changing tasks, surfing the net, etc.

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