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Getting visibility via influencers

What’s one of the quickest ways to visibility? When an influencer promotes your content or business.

Use your content strength.

If you are a good writer, then write a quality article that features them and highlights their strengths and the good work they’re doing.

Get the influencer’s feedback.

Before you promote it, you may want to send a draft to the influencer, to see if they want to make any changes.

Promote the content.

Be sure to put that influencer’s name in the first few words of the content’s title, so that it clearly signals to the search engines that this content is about them.

Tell the influencer.

Once you’ve promoted the content, tell the influencer.

Become a case study.

Another way to get an influencer’s attention is to either become their client, or join their program.

Find influencers with audiences larger than yours — but not too large.

Choose influencers that have a larger audience than you, but not a huge audience (because the famous people will have too many reaching out to them.) If you have a couple hundred Facebook fans, reach out to someone with a couple thousand fans, for example.

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