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Free vs. Premium Content

Which of your content should be free versus paid?

This is an important question which I will address in the second half of this post.

Teachers and Authors Deserve a Livelihood

If you give all your content for free, you lose out on a substantial income source. You would need a job, which would take away hours every day, some of which you could’ve spent creating more, and better content.

Relaxed vs. Studious

Most of the time, when people consume free content, they are in a “free time” mode… not looking to be so serious at the moment. They are seeking something entertaining that also brings them some value.

Will Free Content Cannibalize Paid Content?

I’ve discovered that even with lots of free content, my audience still buys paid information products, because it’s more thoughtfully organized than the free stuff.

Keep your free content “white belt”

Think of a martial arts dojo. In any given beginner (white belt) class, you see a few dedicated “black belt” students practicing the same basic moves… except that the black belts are practicing at a deeper, more nuanced level.

Zoomed-out Map or a Fun Small Section

Another way to think about your free content is that it’s either (1) a zoomed-out map, or a (2) fun detailed small popular section of town.

Free = What and Why. Paid = How.

Another way of saying it is that your free content gives the What (the definitions and the philosophies) and the Why (the diagnosis of their problems, as well as the background of your philosophies.)

Infotainment to Education to Transformation

Remember: when people are consuming free content, they are usually looking for some kind of picker-upper, something to entertain, inspire, uplift, give them energy and easy ideas. In other words, infotainment.

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"

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