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Forget Timing. Focus on Rhythm.

I often get the question:

What’s your rhythm, and are you following it?

Asking about “timing” means two possible things are going on:

  1. You are tempted to use “timing” as an excuse to delay, for fear of rejection or disappointment.

Your Fantasy re: the Timing of Social Media Postings

If you don’t know this, it tells me one thing: you haven’t yet enough experience posting on social media.

It’s more about the quality of your post, not the timing. But please don’t use that as another reason to delay. (“Ok so I need to perfect my post, before I post it!”)

Your Fantasy re: The Timing of Launches

I have launched things during Christmas break, between Dec 26-Dec 31. It did pretty well, even though “everyone” was supposed to be on vacation.

How will I really know what the audience cares about?

Only by launching.

Yes, conversations with audience members will give you ideas and deepen your understanding of them. Surveys can also help.

Your Rhythm of Content & Offerings is the Heartbeat of Your Business.

Imagine if your heart says:

Lots of real learning from low-pressure action, and consistent audience growth as a result.

Beware of the thoughts “I’ll do it when I feel inspired / when I feel ready” because like a heart, this kind of thought virus will lead to the death of your business.

Just do it, then you’ll feel more ready to do it.

Take action, and then you’ll feel inspired.

For the life & growth of your business, rhythm is the most important thing.

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