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  • Ntathu Allen (she/her)

    Ntathu Allen (she/her)

    One word at a time, I help women meditate to live happier, more peaceful and kinder lives.

  • Francesca Elisia

    Francesca Elisia

    Supporting you in creating a loving & joyful life • Relationship Hypnotherapist & Coach • Artist • wildfiremethod.com • francescaelisia.com

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

  • Brigitte Gemme

    Brigitte Gemme

    Vegan mom and cooking coach, runner, writer, reader, PhD in sociology, morning person. Chief Meal Planner at Vegan Family Kitchen.

  • Evelyn Lim

    Evelyn Lim

    Author. Abundance Coach. Self-Love Healing Specialist. https://EvelynLim.com/discovery-call

  • Mark Silver

    Mark Silver

    The founder of Heart of Business, and a designated master teacher in his Sufi spiritual lineage, Mark integrates spirituality and effective business.

  • Jeremy Blanchard

    Jeremy Blanchard

    https://blanchardjeremy.com/ and https://acecoachtraining.com/

  • Bingz Huang

    Bingz Huang

    Founder and Editor for Gentleness Ambassadors. Human Design Coach, Intuitive Healer, and I dance for my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. ✨

  • Alice Karolina

    Alice Karolina

    Brand Strategist for changemakers at alicekarolina.com . Founder of theethicalmove.org

  • Mojca Henigman

    Mojca Henigman

    Curious explorer of life, self and the world. mBIT Coach, NLPer and voice dialogue facilitator, helping people live aligned with what’s most important to them

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