Examples of Simple Online Courses

To give you ideas and inspiration for creating and launching your own.

One of the best products you can create — especially in these times — is online courses. Millions love to learn by taking classes online. And everyone has something to teach.

You, too, have the potential to create and launch online courses.

I facilitate an online support group to help with creating/launching online courses, and many of the members are just launching their first course. A few members are more experienced, but they’re also enjoying the energy and momentum in working together within an encouraging group.

Check out the following examples of simple courses. These are being launched by my group’s members now. Click on the link of each title to see more about it. May these inspire you to consider creating your own course as well!

Examples of Simple Online Courses

Wonderfully Organised Wardrobe!

Instead of tidying up and reverting to clutter, reimagine the SYSTEM holding your clothes. Your existing set up can be tweaked for daily ease and beauty. 90 min of empathy and creative hacks + 3 weeks of group support to put things into practice.

— By Dorota Godby

Create More Peace and Productivity During a Pandemic

Having trouble getting things done and recovering from the craziness of life right now? You’re not alone! Join this 3-hour, interactive online workshop. Sat, May 16th, 10:00–2:00 PST.

— By Jennifer Newcomb Marine

Boundary Basics

Healthy, balanced personal boundaries are how we take responsibility for our own lives. Learn to determine, set, and maintain your own unique boundaries so that you can be in the driver’s seat of your life. Short course (3.5 hours total). Q&A and coaching included.

— By Ursa Barnes Swensen

Developing Self Compassion: Dealing Effectively with the Inner Critic

Self-Compassion is the key for health and healing. Be kinder to yourself. Adopt healthy habits without force. You are worthy of love and belonging. Taught by Dr. Ieleen Taylor, a Family Physician who is passionate about well-being in all areas.

— By Ieleen Taylor

Saying “NO” Without Guilt

Do you find yourself saying “yes” when you really mean “no”? Do you downplay your own needs to avoid disappointing others? Learn how this habit affects every aspect of your life. Create a strong new boundary you truly believe in. Strategically support yourself for real success.

— By Michelle Whitehead

Equestrian Tai Chi For Therapeutic Riding Instructors

An online program for Therapeutic Riding Instructors to learn Equestrian Tai Chi and how to teach it to their clients. It has health benefits and deepens the rider’s bond with the horse.

— By Jenny Pim

How to Bring Your Soul’s Expression of Joy Into Your Everyday Life

For ladies who give so much, your tank is running on empty. In this 90 min video class, you will tap into your intuitive self and cultivate the energy of your divine power so your tank feels full.

— By Gigi Bisong

Passionate Partnership

Love Lab’s online course is for couples. It will help you understand your relationship and what is needed to realign with intentions, retune connection, rekindle passion and start developing a passionate partnership.

— By Sarah & Matt Davies

Meditation: A Doorway To Innovation

This course is an invitation to incorporate meditation into your daily life without adding extra time into your schedule. If your mind gives you excuses: “I don’t have time”… “I cannot quiet my mind”… invest in your well-being and improve your quality of life with this course.

— By Gema Ramirez

Between Silence & Sound

Get rid of shame and embody your voice now.

Through this journey you will learn how to use sound for self-healing, express yourself more deeply, overcome the embarrassment to make a sound, connect with inner silence and consciously breathe.

— By Maria Pareo

Intuition on Tap

You have more intuitive gifts than you think. If something’s missing from your intuition and you never get ’the cool stuff’, there’s a mini course to fix that. Turn it on and off at will. Have it run hot and strong and finally have the confidence to say it out loud.

— By Denise Litchfield

Ignite YOUR Life by strengthening your personal foundation

Tired of living on an emotional roller coaster? Join a 6-lesson series to strengthen life skills from self-care, values, boundaries, and tolerations and expectations.

— By Vicki Haddock

The Art of Brotherhood

Lay down your burden of isolation! In this workshop, over 6 weeks, we will practice the skills necessary for close connection with other men, and bond as a group. Weekly Zoom calls, plus access to a private community. Tuesdays at 7:30pm Central, starting May 19th. For more info, email Jesse [at] wholeheartbrotherhood [dot] com.

— By Jeremy Gildman, Jonathan Van Matre, Jesse French

Radical Honesty that Connects

Radical honesty is clear, direct, non-apologetic, yet open and empathetic. Being assertive and speaking your mind fully are not at odds with staying in connection with the other person. Learn ways to stop bottling things up OR blurting out words that we later regret. Be you.

— By Nati Beltrán

Human Design for Sensitives (Level 1)

Dear fellow Sensitives, learn how you can release overwhelm, anxiety and fatigue to become an Empowered Sensitive through the lens of your Human Design chart. Taught and facilitated in a 4-week class within a private Facebook Group.

— By Bingz Huang

SEO: What Is It and Why It’s Important

In this one-hour course, available May 18th, I will be explaining the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why it’s important for your website. Topics will include how SEO works and the tools you need in place on your website:

— By Tracy White Gimpel

Resilient Business: A Practical Map for Caring Solopreneurs

Learn doable steps for more resiliency in a shaky world. And you don’t have to sell your soul. $0-$45 USD. Taught by a 10-years self-employed Business/Life Coach for caring introverts.

— By Val Nelson

iPhone Video Mastery

This online course is for heart-centered entrepreneurs to learn how to create professional marketing videos. Sarah Fisher has 20 years of experience in video production and will teach you the 3 stages of video so you can let go of tech phobias and be empowered.

— By Sarah Fisher

Mud Club Essentials

This e-course and group is the “you first” club. We have good intentions and we get stuck, or give up before we get started. Instead, let’s design a life you love, with focused intention + action. I hold this formula close and work with clients in order to help them do the same.

— By Heather Tobin

Pressure, Inner Conflict and Obstacles around Self-care

We have internal and external “shoulds” around self-care That can create resistance, guilt, shame, self-blame, perfection and intense emotions for us… and it still doesn’t lead to the results we want: better self-care and peace. If you struggle with this, this class will be helpful.

— By Liesel Teversham

Breathwork & Mandala Drawing

This online course teaches a series of breathwork and therapeutic meditative practices that will assist you in personal growth, relaxation, and creativity. Not an artist? Don’t worry, just bring pencils, paper, comfortable clothes and the intention to know yourself better.

— By Tom Kirkham

Touchstones — Guided Journey of Intentional Creativity

Discover your guiding truth and master the Art of Flow in your life. When we live in our own authenticity, life is easier, more fun and more magical! Become more of who you really are with this simple art process.

— By Kerry Lee

Dealing with Cravings

Are food cravings leaving you feeling you need to social distance yourself from your fridge? Join this interactive workshop and deep dive into dealing with your cravings, so that you can have confidence that you can stick with it and finally reach your health goals.

— By Suzanne Culberg

Love your Liver

Are you a business woman who’s ready to let go of low energy, hormone imbalance or stubborn weight? Join this 4-week course + mastermind to give your body back the balance and energy it needs to stabilise hormones, improve metabolism, immunity and eliminate toxins.

— By Bev Roberts

Supporting the Immune System Holistically at Home

What Herbs, Spices, Oils, etc. can be used to maintain a good immune support? You’ll also learn activities that can bolster the immune system. Taught by a Certified Master Herbalist of 12 years who loves teaching about Holistic Health.

— By Alexandra Madsen

Elements of Channeling and Mediumship

Increase your intuitive gifts and connect to the Higher Realms with confidence and ease. This course teaches basic elements of channeling, mediumship, how to connect to your Spirit Guides and how to receive information through guided meditations, prayers and exercises.

— By Anne Marie Pizarro

Mon centrage et ma stabilité intérieure, j’en prends soin

Durant trois sessions, favorisez votre connexion à vous-même par des techniques énergétiques, en étant guidé(e). Agissez sur vos émotions en tant qu’énergie, et retrouvez votre axe pour mieux vivre la période actuelle.

— By Hélène Ermosilla

SCHLAF einladen und vertiefen

3 teiliges Minitraining: SCHLAF einladen und vertiefen.3 Videos á 60 min.: Körperarbeit, Massage, Atemmeditation am 1./08./15.05. Live Zoom Austausch am 9.05.,12 Uhr. Kosten: 65,EUR; Franziska Nürnberger, bodywork, therapy, advanced TRE.

— By Franziska Nuernberger

A variety of topics, as you can see. In the links above, you’ll also find that people use different tech platforms to launch their course.

The key is to keep it simple, very doable, and to learn by launching!

If you’d like to figure out how to launch your online course the George Kao way ;-) and to do it with an encouraging community of support (we help you figure out your best course topics and answer any questions about the tech and marketing) consider joining us:

Support group to help you create and launch your online courses

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