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Don’t Worry About Your “Money Blocks” Or “Limiting Beliefs”

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Over the years I’ve seen many people try to work on their “money mindset”.

“It must be my internal money blocks that are holding me back from having a thriving business!”

“I just need to believe that I’m worth charging a higher amount!”

“All my doubts must be banished!!”

Maybe there’s something to it?

But I have doubts.

So many friends and colleagues have spent thousands of dollars (and years of effort!) working on clearing their “limiting beliefs” and “money blocks”… and yet, years later, they are still struggling with many of the same money issues.

Here’s the weird thing — I grew up with a father who taught me that making money is a struggle. Money doesn’t grow on trees. I went to church and learned that money is evil and many rich people are corrupt. I grew up in that environment.

I’ve known many others who have also done well financially and never had to “clear” such limiting beliefs.

Yet, some of the people who believe and talk a lot about money blocks and work on clearing them, are also the most financially distressed.

Consider this possibility:

What if “money blocks” and “limiting beliefs” are not real?

What if they sound good, but really are a scapegoat for lack of strategic action?

It’s natural for us to fear and delay as we try to build a business, simply because we have to take actions outside our current comfort zone… so when an expert comes along and says it’s your money block or limiting beliefs — giving name to those fears and doubts — it seems to make sense! I don’t blame you.

And then, they want to sell you a program to clear these beliefs.

Here’s the problem:

First it’s one limiting belief, then you discover another one, then you discover inner blocks in other areas of your life!

It never ends.

And this is why a whole industry has sprung up around it, to help you clear these blocks that are in truth self-multiplying with attention.

The more energy you give to “trying” to clear something illusory, the more you end up believing in it… and the bigger the problem you end up having. You then need to work even more to clear it! It’s a spiral downward.

And it makes great money for the people selling you these programs.

Ironically, the best way to clear your money blocks is to sell other people on how to clear theirs.

What to do instead?

Stop giving your money to these programs. Stop wasting your time trying to clear them, because you’re just empowering them.

I’ll make money simple for you:

  1. Money comes from other people.
  2. The more you save the more you’ll have.

The second idea is obvious and I hope you are saving money, no matter how small the amount each month.

Let me explain the first idea:

Money comes from other people.

To have money, you need to offer a service or product that other people value.

The more they value it, the more money you feel comfortable charging.

Value comes from their trust in you (which you can develop through consistent content), and your understanding of what they need and want (which comes from doing “fan interviews” and market research), so that you are offering what makes sense to them.

Therefore, get consistent in doing these things:

  1. Authentic content creation and distribution (e.g. through Facebook Ads) so that you grow your audience, and create trust.
  2. Market research, especially fan interviews, so that you’ll be truly in touch with your audience’s wants and buying patterns.
  3. Experiment with creating and offering various types of services and products for your audience — based on your market research — and staying in the experimentation mindset rather than blaming yourself for failures.
  4. Saving some money every month, no matter the amount. I prefer socially responsible investments, and one of the easiest is OpenInvest.

Do these things, and you will have less and less money challenges over time. No more need to clear money blocks!

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