​Don’t fear the criticism of your friends or family — they’re *not* the ones you’re making content for…

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​To grow your audience, create better content.
To create better content, you need to
practice creating more content.
To create more content, you need to get over the fear of your audience.

​When you are afraid to make content, whose judgmental voice or look are you thinking of?

Don’t make your content for that person/group.

Make it only with your true fans in mind — they love you no matter what.

Think about this:

Your current network is not your eventual audience. They might not even be a good representative.

So don’t make your content in fear of the judgment of your existing colleagues, friends, fans, etc. They are not your real audience.

If you continue to make content, you will build an audience of true fans: people who love just about anything that you create. How many people in your existing network are like that? Maybe a few?

Almost everyone who will ever LOVE your content, don’t know about you yet.

Think about that. Most of your true fans are not the people in your current network and audience.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt: let’s say you already have 10 true fans already. That’s 10 people right now in your network who love EVERYTHING you create. You aren’t fearful of their judgment, because you can’t seem to make any mistakes in their eyes… no matter what you do! That is the definition of a true fan.

In other words, 99% of your true fans don’t even know about you yet.

Within the enormous population of the internet (as of 2018, more than 4 billion users) there is a huge diversity of people. There are likely tens of thousand of people who will resonate with your authenticity, no matter how you look or sound, or how you write or speak.

Your true fans are completely accepting of you, not because they’re saints, but because somehow, your content and personality are just right for them. It’s like soul mates, but instead of “the one”, you have thousands of true fans, maybe more, already online now… if only they knew about you.

Therefore, make your content not to please your current friends and colleagues. If the thought of their judgment is scaring you, please don’t think about them.

Make your content for your future true fans.…the ones who cannot help but love you, because you are the right match for them. They are looking for you.

How to reach them?

The easiest way right now is through Facebook Ads.

For example, with a few clicks, you could reach up to 880 Million English-Speaking adults:

(This image is an screen capture from the Facebook Ads platform, showing you how many people you could reach, with enough ad spend, narrowed to English-speaking adults.)

Of course, that is way too broad. You aren’t trying to please 880,000,000 people.

Let’s say you are a life coach and trying to reach people who are interested in spiritual/personal growth. On Facebook, that’s approximately 120,000,000 (120 million) people you can reach via Ads.

You don’t have the capacity to serve that many clients :)​In a random room of 100 English-speaking adults who are interested in spiritual/personal growth, how many might be interested in your message? Maybe 10 out of 100 spiritually-interested people?Let’s be conservative and just say 1 out of 100 spiritually-oriented people would like or love your message.

That’s still 1.2 million of the right people you could reach through Facebook Ads.

You could reach at least that many through Google Ads as well.

Here’s the point:

The ability to reach the world is at your fingertips. Stop fearing the judgment of your colleagues, friends or family. You’re not making content for them. You’re making it for your 1,000 true fans, those who will naturally love your authentic message and style.

You’re talking only to the people who, once they find you, just can’t help but like you.

Your true fans need you to show up. ​Make more content, so that they have more chance to find you.

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Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity" https://www.GeorgeKao.com

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