Deep “fun” while building your business :)

George Kao


This morning I was enjoying some social media surfing. Felt like “fun”. I wanted to keep going!

But I had a commitment to write this blog post, so I “forced” myself to stop having “fun”, and instead engage with a blank screen and the “hard work” of figuring out what to write.

Now that I’m 15 minutes into the writing, I’m starting to feel the joy of writing this — staying curious about what I’m going to write next, and envisioning that if even just 1 person reads and gets benefit from this, I will have made a positive difference.

This is “fun”… at a deeper level 😊

When you give yourself to an endeavor that is expressive of your creativity and heartfelt service — such as when building your authentic business — it is deeply fun.

Another word for it is “joy” — at the higher level of mental adventure, spiritual surrender, and emotional fulfillment of progress and accomplishment.

Redefining “fun”

Our society usually defines “fun” as being instantly entertained: watching funny videos, playing games, buying cool stuff, drinking and eating.

There’s nothing wrong with material pleasures when it’s in service of self-care. Especially when such activities are in connection with others.

The distorted perspective happens when we assume that kind of “fun” is supposed to be infused throughout the activities of building a business, or in the journey of personal growth…

“It doesn’t feel fun to write a blog post right now, even though I scheduled to do so. Instead I’m going to play a video game.”

“It doesn’t feel fun to reach out to that prospective client, because they might reject me. So I’ll go surf social media.”

“It’s not fun to announce my new online course… maybe nobody will buy it and it’ll hurt emotionally, so I’ll go perfect it some more in private.”

What if you could reframe all of this, so that you take the truly productive actions in your business — and find it deeply fun?

Develop a taste for adventure

How do you become your best self? How do you create success and fulfillment in your business? It requires taking risks — doing many things that might not work (and often don’t!) And being surprised by a few things that work brilliantly.

That risk can be reframed as adventure.

Experimentation is essential for business success. It won’t always be a “successful” result, but if you are dedicated to staying curious, and aiming for learning and growth, then every conscious experiment is a “success”.

Ironically, the most “serious” you can be in business is to consciously bring a lot more lighthearted experimentation.

I encourage you to develop that taste for adventure, curiosity, experimentation, and risk — as another way to have “fun” in life!

It is a deeper fun that will grow you :)

Dive into your challenges as an adventure!

Seeking joy

I believe this to be part of life’s purpose: to sense into the deeper joy that’s present in all productive and helpful activities… tasks and experiences which, at the surface level, don’t seem “fun” but at the deeper level are of service to self and others…

“It doesn’t feel fun to write a blog post, but I have made a commitment to do it now, so I will seek the deeper joy of writing on schedule.”

“It’s not fun to reach out to a prospective client… they might reject me, but I’ll seek the joy in the opportunity for caring human connection.”

“It’s not fun to announce my online course… maybe nobody will buy it, but let me find the curiosity and joy in experimentation: I wonder how my audience will respond, or not?”

Do you seek to do the deeper work everyday: to reframe your fears and doubts into the bigger picture of growth, and the opportunity for deep joy?

To see in your journey the adventure, the making a difference, the personal development?

Connect your daily actions to your deeper journey. Practice bringing a profound connection to your heart and soul into your doing. It’s deeply f.u.n. — fundamental universal nourishment 😊

I wish you every success with your authentic business.

Even more, however, I wish you greater en-joy-ment of the journey… daily sensitivity to the deep fun within it all 🥰



George Kao

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"