Creativity Tips for Your Authentic Business

Growing an authentic business requires us to keep creating.

Whether it’s blog posts, videos, products, services, or partnerships… the quality all depends on our creativity.

In this post, you’ll find the inspiration from 15 other authentic business owners, who share their creative process with you.

These wise, heart-based business owners are part of an online mastermind group I facilitate called MasterHeart.

Enjoy their musings as you create or grow your own authentic business.

How to Unblock Your Creative Potential

Getting stuck in the creative process is human and inevitable. It doesn’t mean that you’ve hit a brick wall or lost your connection to your creative potential.

It’s simply a moment when you’re over-thinking whatever it is you’re creating.

To remedy:

  1. Pause. Check to see — are you ‘in your head’ trying to figure out how to get unstuck?
  2. Let go of wanting to figure out the block in your creative flow. Trying to figure out how to get unstuck keeps the mind spinning.
  3. Take a short break. Move your body. Even a five-minute walk around the office or outside helps to drop over-thinking and re-connect with inspiration and fresh creative ideas.

Fiona Moore, Transformative Mentor, Consultant, Healer

Show Up As Yourself

Creating my business has been a great lesson in staying true to the core of who I am.

Having never created a business before, it’s so easy to copy what others are doing, or keeping up with all the things you feel you “should” be doing to have a thriving business.

What I’ve learned is that the best thing I can do is to show up as myself. That means showing my humanity through being vulnerable, and allowing myself to be seen. It can be scary at times, but liberating at the same point.

Doing this allows me to meet my clients exactly where they are with no expectations. It’s a win-win on both sides.

Anne Eppley, Personal Development Coach

Following the Creative Flow

Every time I set out to write a book or to create a transformational programme, I re-discover that the creative process isn’t linear; it’s more a multi-dimensional weaving with a life of its own.

There is a natural flow guiding me; and my job is to learn to pay attention and co-operate with it.

While I do work to linear plans — such as chapters that lead one to the next — and I set out with a map of where I want to arrive and when — I also allow for what may appear to be diversions.

I don’t block the flow of thoughts, ideas and inspirations just because they don’t fit with my plan. I follow the creative energy and the natural flow. For me, this is the growing edge of creativity where new discoveries are found and joy and inspirational nourishment live.

Rose Diamond, Transitions and Creative Empowerment Mentor, Tribe in Transition

Creatively Writing the True Colors

It is time to share, see and listen to each other’s colors, visions, pictures, to truly feel & see you in me — me in you and everyone in us and us in everyone.

We all see & feel different in the very same given moment — towards the picture that presents itself to us.

It’s profoundly rewarding, opening my vision to the colour palette that you see, while sharing mine with you.

So much to learn — rediscover — and to share and grow upon, if we let loose from previous preconceptions and patterns. If we choose to remix the colors, we may stumble across a hidden door. Discovering the treasures behind; getting to create a blend of yours and mine, visions and perceptions that turn into streams of abundance in ways inaccessible on our own.

Perhaps life is an ever growing mutual palette of colours? A piece of art we, together, are the artists of?

Hille Ha, Founder of Yoga Retreat Lisbon

Ideas are like fish…

…they rise to the surface, shine for a split second, and if you don’t catch them right away they disappear back into the depths forever.

So, if you want to create something — a flyer, a blog, a Facebook post, a description of an event, just put down anything that is in your mind, without censoring; everything you want to say.

Leave it overnight.

Next day, you’ll see it with fresh eyes.

Cut out what is superfluous, e.g. too many adjectives.

Rearrange the order if need be, and add in essentials (contacts, price, location, URL etc.), and leave it to cook for a bit.

If you still like it a few hours later, post it.

Tamara Alferoff, Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Mentor

Stories of Deep Healing

I have found great power in telling stories of deep healing, stories of my own healing processes, and stories of others: what they went through, and how they coped with and navigated the changes and inner alchemy.

To do this, I enter into a space of sharing the journey in an Archetypal way, as I know so many have gone through similar challenges.

As I plunge into the creative process, I feel I am carried by inspiration that at times, makes my eyes teary, as if forces greater than myself want to speak through me. I am touched at what I am honored to be called to deliver to others, in this more poetic way.

This is how I have created the most compelling presentations I have delivered, that had people in tears at the end, touched by the encouragement and trust in the levels of healing that are possible for them as well.

Ruth Toledo Altschuler, Flower Essence Practitioner and Mentor

We are Creators by Nature

My belief is that we are all creators by nature.

My process is to allow intuition to guide my flow of ideas.

I work with creatives who are in a transformation process. My tips include:

  1. To trust your inner guidance and allow inspiration to move through you.
  2. Play the “Sit n See Game”. Sit with your inspiration and watch what happens, how it unfolds or changes. Let it come to life within.
  3. Employ your other skills to manifest your vision from the inspiration.
  4. Remember: It never looks the way you imagine. It is always better.
  5. Trust, See, Feel.

Dianne Allen, Mentor and Author

The Magic of Synchronicity

My creative process in business involves the magic of synchronicity. It can appear to be a mystery as to why certain connections line up to bring just the right opportunities at the right time to move my business and life along, but it really boils down to a simple formula:

Preparation + Receptivity = Synchronicity

When I’m prepared with whatever is necessary to create the next step, I’ve established the foundation that communicates that I’m ready.

Then, all I have to do is relax and wait for things to line up in just the right way.

Sandy Freschi, Human Design Specialist

Tips from a Writing Coach

  1. Schedule deadline-free playtime. While deadlines can release a rush of adrenaline-fueled creativity, when you’re up against the clock you don’t have the time to play around with different ways to tell the story. Creativity takes more than innovation — it takes time.
    Try this. If you have a project you really care about, schedule regular time to experiment with ideas and words.
  2. Commit to learning new ideas, trying unique foods, taking adventures, and traveling to interesting places. New experiences stimulate our brain and help us connect ideas, information, and experiences. These new connections can radically affect our creative work.
  3. Discover your creativity triggers and use them. While new experiences and mashing up old ones reliably boost creativity, you might have your own creative jam. Consider the activities, places, and people that spark your imagination. Make a list and then schedule an artist’s date for yourself.

Rochelle Melander, Write Now! Coach

Letting The Great Mystery Flow Through You

Creativity often comes to me from the Great Mystery, through messages and dreams. It always feels right and aligned and I’m always motivated to follow through when it comes through these channels. I know it may sound vague!

Some of the practices I do to encourage the flow of ideas include: consistent shamatha meditation, ritual baths each week with herbs that support “flow” (Mugwort, rose, rosemary, birch, etc), journaling, shamanic journeying, time connecting with nature, visualization, reiki, and channeled drawing.

The key takeaway or “tip” is create opportunities for the mystery to flow through you, and your deepest purpose and passions will emerge. It’s hard to resist pursuing the things that come through in that way because it’s coming from both your direct experience with spirit and a sense of a greater purpose.

Liz Neves, Herbalist, Reiki & Healing Drum Practitioner

Tips from a Mental Wellness Coach

  1. For business brainstorming, review, and/or visioning, go to a spa for a period of time. Ideally a chunk of a day. For me it’s like my brain “opens up” when I go there!
  2. Before creating content, set the intention that it will be easy and fun. Doing this puts me in a much lighter, open and creative mindset.

Scott Walker, Mental Wellness Coach

Creating in Response to Your Audience

Creating offers and content in “response” to what I notice my audience talking about has made a huge difference to my marketing.

Like so many other people in business, I started off creating content and paid offerings based on what “I” believed people needed. It was all internally-focused based on my own insights, rather than meeting people where they are at.

I adopted this approach after discovering my Human Design type and strategy.

Dani Gardner, Marketing & Messaging Mentor

Harnessing the Life Force Within

Apart from external tools, one must begin to harness the Creative/Life force within.

  1. Sense of Abandon. Abandon who you are for a moment. Systems help, but too much can kill. If you learn to do something with abandon, it may not turn out the same way every time, but there is beauty and creativity to your action — not because of the result, simply for the action, thus having less expectations, more joy…
  2. Engage the Root Lock - Moola Bandha (yoga) — a bit similar to Kegels. This doesn’t have to happen during a focused morning/evening practice but can be done while you are walking, driving, working at desk. It’s practical. This powerful practice wakes up the dormant creative force within. It awakens brain centers and expansion of consciousness. The practitioner experiences a higher dimension, reflected in thought patterns and external behavior.

Shweta Parmar, Ayurvedic Practitioner and AyurDoula

Trust your pen! Free fall on paper…

Get a big piece of paper and colorful markers or pens. Let your pen move on your paper only during exhalation.

  1. Write into the middle of paper: Your theme/question in CAPS.
  2. Write around the theme any words/feelings (about 4–8) that are arising from within, related to the theme.
  3. Any further clarification or information for a particular word? Breathe! Continue in the natural order, noticing which word is calling you. Notice: certain type of information usually comes above the word, other type of information below/beside the word. Continue, until you’re done.
  4. Ask yourself what colors the words need, add them with your desired tech: chalk, wood/watercolor etc. over the words, to enhance the content, to bring something more visible to you. For visual people, deep information comes with colors & shapes, for emotional-kinesthetic people it’s about the feeling of colors that blend with feeling of the words.
  5. Look at the completed work, see what emerges within you as the foremost insight.

Lis Larsen, Founder of World Bank of Hope

Authentic Voice

Creating an authentic business has been a work in progress, as I have to be brave, consistent, disciplined and ready to fight any resistance. I came to realize that resistance will always be there. It can be my worst enemy or my best friend.

I recently made a choice to be friends with the resistance, as it connects me with more vulnerability. If I feel resistant in my business, in which area of my life is resistance showing up as well?

Vulnerability connects me to my authentic voice, the one that I want to share and use to inspire my ideal audience.

The more I connect with my authentic voice, the more creative I can be… the more I can be of service.

Creating an authentic business is a self-transformative process.

Eric Bensoussan, Transformational Relationship Coach

These wise, heart-based business owners are part of an online mastermind group I facilitate called MasterHeart. — George Kao




Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"

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George Kao

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"

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