Here’s a thought to consider…

Your life is actually working perfectly.

Anything and everything occurring in your life has a system behind it. There’s cause and effect. You experience the effects. And you have more choice in the cause than you often assume.

Even though there are causes beyond your control, you have a choice of where you will focus.

Sure, we can blame others for the bad effects in our life — other people, society, the economy, our upbringing, our genetics, or karma and the stars — but every time we do this, we give our power away.

I invite you to take on this idea:

“I am more in control of my life experience than I can imagine.”

I believe in conscious systems design.

I believe that many of the results I’m getting are due to the systems I allow to take place in my life.

I can re-design the systems and see different results.

Let’s explore examples that are easily seen to be in our control.

1. You can’t wake up and feel refreshed, unless you get enough sleep.
2. Because you sleep late, you have to wake up late.
3. You sleep late because you start your evening routine late.

Once you diagnose a cause you can control, then you can design a new system:

  • You can plan a new evening routine schedule that allows you to sleep earlier.
  • You can set a reminder to start your evening routine at the new, earlier time.

Even something as simple as sleeping on time is a “system” that affects other systems in your life. The better you sleep, the more optimistic you feel, and the more you take empowered action in many areas.

“Time management is really the management of routines…. The purpose of routines is not to turn you into some sort of automaton, but to free your consciousness to work at a higher level.” — Mark Forster

Here is another example that you can control:

  1. The reminder/alarm goes off.
  2. You ignore it, and continue doing what you were doing.
  3. Therefore, you cannot follow a schedule that is healthier for you.

This system can be changed. I wrote about it here:
Repairing your relationship to your productivity tools.

Another example:

The system behind it is that you get mesmerized or “stuck” at the computer for hours without taking a break.

I wrote about a better system called Frequent Creative Rest.

Another example:

The system behind how you process email is broken. I’ve written about a better email processing routine.

Final example:

Your system for how you think about that project needs to change. I call it your motivational methods.

So, what’s not working well in your life or business?

Write about the possible systems that you can tweak, that might result in a different effect.

You may need to do some research about what better system is needed. Look for routines, plans, processes, templates, structures, or habits that other people like you are using to get better results.

Other times, you may want to work with a coach or therapist that specializes in that issue. The best ones help you design a system for your specific situation, then help you to stick with it.

It can also help to notice what is working well in your life. And what’s the system that is causing it to work so well? This helps you understand yourself better, and what systems are compatible for you.

In other words, the systems that you allow to continue in your life, are working just the way they’re supposed to. If the results are good, then it’s a good system for you. If the results are “bad” then you need to re-design the system.

As you become increasingly conscious of your life’s systems, you’ll have more choice about changing them.

Step by step, you can completely transform any system, so that you live into a life you absolutely love.

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"

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