Authentically grow your social media by supporting your audience’s sovereignty

George Kao
3 min readMay 10, 2024


For social media growth, you typically learn to chase algorithmic trends and use “hacks” for getting people’s attention.

Even if it sometimes works, those methods are truly distasteful to my conscience.

And shallow techniques tend to build shallow connections. It’s more likely to grow a following that won’t care about your offerings nor deeply resonate with your energy signature.

For us soulpreneurs, it’s different. We are aiming for a true audience — one that doesn’t need us to use tricks to get their attention.

The simplest way of doing that (the most common, and not my favorite way) is to take on a confident air of authority and preach to our audience what to do:

  • This is why you have this problem.
  • This is why the world is like this.
  • Don’t do this.
  • Do this and you’ll for sure get X.

These do work. But my concern is that it erodes the audience’s sovereignty…

Many people have lost connection with their inner authority. So when they sense confidence that promises to solve their problems, they gravitate towards it.

This is the path of the typical influencer.

They’re trying to build a “cult” following that does whatever they tell them to do… including to buy whenever they tell them to. The influencer might use charm, persuasion, and clever copywriting to get it done.

None of these methods sit right with me. I don’t want to be your guru.

I would rather help my audience regain their sovereignty… to do whatever small thing I can to help them wake up — to their own power.

Although slower, this still can build a true social media following, but in a healthier, more sustainable way.

If you resonate with this, and want to also grow an audience while respecting (and helping them nurture) sovereignty, here are some ideas for content:

Unique or against the grain

Notice the mainstream advice in your industry. What does your audience typically hear, but that you don’t agree with?

Speak the parts of your truth that are against the grain.

Say what your audience doesn’t typically hear.

This helps people to reflect, to wake up.

Even if they don’t agree with you, it gets them thinking outside the box.

Perhaps it’s some mainstream or typical solution or pathway they’re trying to take, but it’s not working for them. Tell them why you don’t think such solutions work for people like them. And what you would recommend instead.

Speak to their hidden yearning

Losing their inner power has resulted in many people suppressing or putting off their deepest yearnings.

If you can give voice to that hidden yearning — help them notice and activate it — you help them come alive again.

They reconnect to that power to live more authentically.

Relieve them of a burden

On the other hand, they might not realize they’re carrying a burden that they don’t have to anymore. It can be:

  • outdated thinking
  • some behavior that’s no longer serving them
  • an obligation that’s no longer necessary

If you can share that new knowledge and context and help to relieve their burden, they’ll be grateful, feel lighter, and have more energy to pursue their yearnings.

Encourage Self-reflection

Encourage your audience to pause and reflect on their own experiences, beliefs, and yearnings.

Ask questions that inspire them to look within. To connect with their inner wisdom.

You’ll be helping them develop a stronger sense of Self and gain clarity about their own unique path.

It helps all of us

The process of creating sovereignty-supporting content will give you practice in thinking outside the box as well. It helps to put you back in touch with your own authentic power as well.

Let’s shift our focus from chasing algorithms to empowering our audience. Each piece of content we create is an opportunity to affirm someone’s strength and independence.

If you commit to this path, not only will you grow a more engaged audience, but it’ll be a community of sovereign individuals who are more in touch with their authentic selves.



George Kao

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"