Authentic Sales Conversations

Here is the typical framework for how to have a sales conversation / exploratory call with a potential client. Maybe you’ve had this experience yourself, or have been taught to do this…

The Typical Sales Conversation

1. Help them connect to their pain again, the frustration, the block, the symptoms that made them seek out a solution. Ask questions or tell stories to get them to really feel the pain and how bad it would be to stay there. (Ideally, they should feel some desperation.)

Power Over Others

In short, we are taught to skillfully manipulate the prospect’s emotions and frame of mind, until they are like putty in our hands, to be shaped how we will.

“Heart-Based” or “Conscious” Sales Strategies?

The traditional sales method I described above is currently being dressed up by the modern “conscious” or “heart-based” business coaches who say:

Diagnosing & Empathy vs. Manipulation & Persuasion

The problem here is not actually with the pain/pleasure island framework. I like how my friend Tad Hargrave teaches it — it’s about correctly naming their symptoms so that you can diagnose the cause of those symptoms, so that you (and they) can see that you can actually help them (or if you need to refer them onward.)

It’s about empathy.

The problem is when we try to use pain/pleasure island as a tool to manipulate their emotions (experiencing low & high) so that they buy.

Authentic Sales / Enrollment Conversation

Here is what I recommend for our “sales” or exploratory / discovery conversations:

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