Authentic Pricing for Solopreneurs

Finding the “right” price for your services, programs, products.

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Your Cost (of Living)

One important factor to figure out your authentic pricing is to look at your cost of doing business.

Expected Sales

How many units do you expect to sell once the marketing ramps up to an expected level?

Market Rate

What does your audience expect the price of your offering to be, based on what they already know (or can quickly research)?

Offer Different Levels

Chances are, you have potential clients who are at different levels of comfort with spending money on you type of business.

  • Group support — for those who want more than DIY, but aren’t ready to buy your 1–1, this is a good option for them. At this level, you’re providing support to your clients in a group format such as a weekly group call, and perhaps also including a private Facebook group for additional suport. Priced in between the DIY and 1–1 support.
  • 1–1 sessions —this of course takes you more time per client than the Group offering, so it would be priced higher.
  • 1–1 with Emergency Support — this might be your highest level offering, where you provide not only scheduled 1–1 sessions (same as the offering above) but also you allow clients to request sudden/emergency “SOS” sessions, and/or they can text you for rapid support. You need to therefore take into account how much time and energy a typical client will cost you, and price this tier accordingly.

Additional Tips

Focus on creating your offering for your ideal client/customer who will get the most out of that offering, and won’t be as concerned about the price.

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Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"

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