Authentic Marketing: hold loosely to agenda

  • Grab your attention with compelling headlines
  • Get you on their email list (often with an “ethical bribe”)
  • Move you through their funnel toward buying
  • Keep following up until you buy
  • Compel you to buy more stuff
  • Incentivize you to refer them to even more buyers

Visible results vs. Invisible values.

The more we try to control the visible results in marketing, the more we end up manipulating our audience.

Here’s the overall process:

  1. Clarify our values
  2. Embody it daily in marketing and business
  3. We’ll know we’re doing it because it’ll feel great
  4. Our audience will feel it too, and it improves our brand/reputation over time
  5. This leads organically to clients and word of mouth.
  • Not every post needs a compelling headline
  • Not every piece of content needs a CTA (call to action)
  • Not every marketing action has to be about lead generation or conversion
  • Not every email needs to lead to a sale
  • Not every buyer should be persuaded to buy more from you
  • Not every client has to refer you

“How do you know when to make an offer/invitation in this approach?”

This depends on the business model. For example, I have a rhythm of promoting a new online course once every 1–2 months (depending on the length of the course, as some courses are 1 month, some last for 2 months.) My audience has gotten used to this rhythm, and many of them now actually look for what course I’m teaching any given month.

“How do you end up getting clients, even if you don’t have a tight hold on it?”

I’ve written several posts about how to get clients authentically, or you could read my book on Authentic Selling

 by the author.



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George Kao

George Kao

Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"