Are you spending enough time on your business?

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After personally coaching hundreds of people on how to grow their business, I find this recurring problem:

People simply are not spending enough time doing the right things… it’s no wonder their business isn’t growing.

What are the right things to do? This is what I’ll explore in this blog post.

As a foundation, it’s best to first familiarize yourself with The 7 Disciplines of Authentic Business. Those are my recommended “right things to do” to grow your business.

But how much time should you be spending with each “discipline”?

Go down the following list one-by-one, and see if you have these things scheduled into your calendar. If not, schedule enough time to do these things so that your business can grow!

1. Joyful Productivity

2. Consistent Content

3. Paid Distribution

4. Collaboration

  • 2 hours in research and outreach to 10 potential collaborators
  • 1 hour in responding / back and forth to schedule and plan a collaboration
  • 1 hour for the actual collaboration

To learn how to find collaborators and work with them, take my course: Simple Collaborations & Authentic JV’s.

If you prefer to outsource the research & outreach, contact

5. Audience Research

  • 1 hour to thoughtfully reach out to at least 10 fans to perhaps get 1 “yes”.
  • 30–60 minutes for the actual interview.
  • 30 minutes for you to process the notes/insights from the interview.

To learn more, read The 7 Disciplines of Authentic Business — look at the 5th discipline.

To have someone do the outreach for your fan interviews, contact

6. Offer Rhythm

Client Feedback

  • 1 hour to write and send out the request for feedback
  • 2 hours to read and process the feedback and see what changes you want to make

The above 7 items will take about 10 hours per week if done efficiently. When learning how to do these things, you may want to budget 15–20 hours per week. You also need to add in the time you spend with clients and product development (e.g. course creation) and other admin.

Many business owners are really just “playing” their business, not really running a business. They may spend many hours a week consuming content about business/marketing, but they’re not spending enough time doing the actual recommended actions.

Have an honest audit of your schedule, the time you spend, and ask yourself: am I spending enough time doing the right things?

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Authentic Business Coach & Author of 4 Books including "Authentic Content Marketing" and "Joyful Productivity"

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