Are you keeping in touch with previous clients?

When was the last time you reached out to them, about possibly working with you again?

If your clients needed your services in the past, they’ll probably need it again.

And some of them will want to refer a friend or colleague to you… if only you were top of mind.

Ask if they’d like to receive your email newsletter

If they enjoy your newsletter, they’re probably going to stay subscribed, even after completing their client engagement with you. This is the easiest way for you to keep in touch with all your previous clients at once.

Didn’t get a chance to ask? It’s not too late. Email them a sample newsletter now, and ask if they’d like to receive it ongoingly. If so, add them yourself, to be sure they’re subscribed.

You can also send this kind of email your potential clients — those who have inquired about working with you —because if they’re interested in your services, they’ll likely be interested in your newsletter.

I’ve worked with hundreds of service providers over the years, and almost none of them have done this simple thing of checking whether I’m on their email newsletter or not, and if not, whether I’d like to receive it.

Another thing that almost no one does is to check in with their previous clients personally.

Connect with them occasionally and personally

1. Write down a list of past clients. Sort the list by the clients you most enjoyed working with. Start your outreach at the top of the list.

2. For each client, first go to their social media profile, or blog, or newsletter, or podcast — wherever they have been active — and find something you appreciate. Maybe they posted a question that you can answer. Maybe they posted something that you’d like to re-share on your social media and if so, mention/tag them in appreciation.

3. Write a personal email to them. Consider including some or all of the following elements…

Let them know that they came to mind… and that you enjoyed seeing their recent social media update/newsletter/etc.

Mention how much you enjoyed working with them before. List a few things you were glad to have done in your work together in the past, as a celebration/reminder of progress.

Mention you have a couple of open spots to serve clients right now, and if they are interested in continuing your work together, that you’d welcome it.

List a few things you’ve been working with your current clients on (keeping those clients anonymous of course.) And/or send them a link to an article you wrote or video you made, that you think will be relevant for them.

End the email saying that no matter what, they are always welcome to reach out to you with any questions — and you’d love to help.

You don’t have to include all the elements above.

Just sending a thoughtful personal email is going above and beyond other service providers who, by and large, are not keeping in touch!

If you’ve had previous email thread(s) with them, consider replying to one of those, with some of the above elements.

(If your client replies, and it results in an email dialogue about issues that should be discussed in your capacity as their coach/consultant, invite them to a 30 minute phone call that will serve as an exploratory session about whether to continue working with you.)

With this kind of personal outreach, you’ll certainly stand out as one of the few providers in your clients’ lives that are thoughtful enough to keep in touch.

Keep expectations light

Most will be glad to hear from you.

If your email doesn’t get a response, then you might want to keep in touch less frequently with that person, but still touch in every now and then, if you had indeed enjoyed your work with them.

Bless and then let go. Give some space, and then touch in thoughtfully again.

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