A System For Email Productivity

How to regularly get to “inbox zero”…

All of your emails can fit into one of the following 7 categories…

  1. No need to reply, and not important to read. Take a moment and consider this: most of your emails are in this category. Therefore, generously apply the archive or delete function! And if it is a newsletter you rarely read, do yourself a favor — unsubscribe. If the information is important, trust that it will come to you another way, e.g. through a personal recommendation. It will show up again if it is truly worthwhile.

Create email folders for #2, #3, #4, and #6 (unless you automate it.)

10 Tips To Make Your Email Processing More Efficient

  1. Have a specific time to process your email. I spend 30 minutes at the end of each workday clearing my email inbox to zero. This is more efficient than trying to clear my inbox throughout the day. The “batching” principle applies here: the less often you switch activities, the more efficiency you tend to experience.

Try these rules as a starting point to organize your emails. Then customize it for yourself, so you can reach inbox ease everyday.

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